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P1320029The Circus, Helsinki, Finland
14th December 2019
Stam1na - “Octopussy” Tour 2019

It was roughly two weeks ago that I saw STAM1NA winning over the crowd in Munich, when they toured with INSOMNIUM. Time for me to go to Finland to see their headliner gig that had been sold out for months.

Finnish Metal phenomenon STAM1NA have achieved nearly everything a Rock band can achieve in Finland. Each of their eight albums has sold gold (one Platinum) and the band has played hundreds and hundreds of mostly sold out shows all over the country. Some Metal heads might have seen them playing at Wacken in 2008 and STAM1NA is expanding its fan base all over the world and will be part of the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise’s line-up in 2020. STAM1NA perform in Finnish and just returned from a tour with INSOMNIUM in Europe and still found time and energy to play several headliner shows in Finland in December and there are great news for 2020. /


Music & Performance
When STAM1NA hit the stage, the vibe in The Circus could be perfectly described with lots of pace, even more head-banging and sweat, the perfect head-banger’s night out was due. STAM1NA always play with wet hair and since it dries due to the heat and all the head-banging on stage, the guys use their water bottles to soak their manes appropriately, so it’s quite a challenge to make good photos while the lens of your camera gets splashed. This time, they must have read the reviews the media guys wrote about their “Octopussy” tour, for they were so kind not to give the photographers a full shower from up stage. Thank you very, very much guys! STAM1NA delivered a kickass performance and I realized that many of their fans had the band logo tattooed on their body. The setlist was a perfect mix of songs from their past albums and the current one ‘Taival’.

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It seemed, that the guys also had recovered from the cold they seemed to have suffered from in Munich, for the vocals were flawless clear and powerful. As soon as STAM1NA left the stage choruses started shouting for the encore and the band really gave their last shirt for the audience. Vocalist Antti Hyyrynen got out his phone and rallied through an enormous list of thanks to many people and I was astonished to hear all the cheers from the audience and didn’t show any kind of impatience. The encore was a blast and ‘Enkeleinmurskain’ that was announced with “Let’s kill some Enkelin” saw a big moshpit on the floor. The audience’s chorus was nearly as loud as the band with their amplifiers and the whole performance could not have been any better.


‘Paha arkkitehti’ was the last song for this night and in my opinion the show could have gone on for several hours for band and fans seemed to be full of energy. One thing that I really liked was, that when the band left the stage, the members gave the water bottles they hadn’t opened to the fans, who stood sweating and thirsty in the front rows and since the venue was packed to the roof, they would never had made it to the bar easily a fantastic gesture of STAM1NA to their fans. STAM1NA will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album ‘Atlantis’ next year with a gig in Jäähalli that has a capacity of app. 4,000 people and Antti Hyyrynen will be publishing a book telling the story behind ‘Atlantis’ in cooperation with LIKE publishing in February 2020, an e-book and an audio-book will be available as well. Info (in Finnish) can be found here:


01. Lääke
02. Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä
03. Sudet Tulevat
04. Vapaa Maa
05. Pyhä Yksinkertausuus
06. Aivohalvaus
07. Gaian Lapsi
08. Meidänkaltaisillemme
09. Vartijaton
10. Masiina
11. Viisi Laukasta Päähan
12. Elämänlanka
13. Kannoin Sinut Läpi Hiljaisen Huoneen
14. Metsästääja: I Metsästäja
15. Metsästääja: II Ero
16. Metsästääja: III Ylösaöainen
17. Enkelinmurskain
18. Paha Arkkitehti

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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All Pictures by Munich Vampire

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