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Sum 41Luxexpo The Box, Kirchberg, Luxembourg
15th January 2020
Sum 41 - “Order In Decline” World Tour

The Canadian Punk rockers SUM 41 were guests at Luxexpo The Box on Wednesday evening and had a new album in their luggage. Their almost three-year world tour ended in late summer 2018 and after that they went back to the studio. And finally the album ‘Order in Decline’ was released in summer 2019, which is one of the albums in which most of Whibley’s heart and soul has gone into. And probably also the most honest and personal album.

Canadian Rock outfit SUM 41 hit the worldwide radar in 1996 after their hometown of Ajax, Ontario, proved unable to fully contain the foursome’s mixture of arena-sized riffing, Hip-Hop poses, and toilet-bowl humour. Their breakthrough major-label debut, 2001’s ‘All Killer No Filler’, featured chart-topping MTV hit ‘Fat Lip’ and follow-up ‘In Too Deep’. From there, the band’s mischievous Pop-Punk style was steadily hardened with darker, world-weary lyrics and a heavier, Metal-inspired attack. Their seventh set, ‘Order in Decline’, arrived in the summer of 2019. Intensely political and pulling no punches with their message, the album included the tracks ‘Out for Blood’, ‘45 (A Matter of Time)’, and ‘The New Sensation’, borrowing from LINKIN PARK, BAD RELIGION, and even MUSE on a series of rallying cries aimed at waking up a society on the brink of moral collapse.

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Music & Performance
Their debut ‘All Killer No Filler’ hoisted the band to the ‘American Pie’ soundtrack and into the hearts of numerous smoking skaters with emo-mats. Five albums, a painful breakup and an artificial coma followed. Instead of singing about girls, skateboards and beer, vocalist Deryck Whibley now writes in their seventh long-player about lovesickness, resistance and politics. The Luxexpo was well filled and that in the middle of the week. After a short singing session from the audience with PAPA ROACH’s ‘Last Resort’, the show started immediately with a song from the current album: ‘Turning Away’. The audience still remained suspiciously calm, but when the curtain, behind which the Canadians were hiding at the beginning, fell, the crowd also started to move. ‘The Hell Song’, as the second song including a confetti cannon, proved to be an ideal start for the audience. Relatively early the first moshpit was formed and even while taking pictures in the photo pit one had to avoid crowd surfers.

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This initially built up energy in the audience remained at a high level for a long time and several circle pits were formed during the whole show. Singer Deryck Whibley also let the song ‘Motivation’ speak for itself. Since the stage also had a porch, he could easily move forward to the audience to be close to every single fan. Deryck Whibley was the years of alcohol abuse, including a stroke with artificial coma not to be noticed in the least and seemed as alive as the memories of the apple pie from ‘American Pie’ and the corresponding background music. A very well mixed song selection from all albums of the band did not let the tension break. The audience proved to be textually confident throughout and was enthusiastic about the show elements that were integrated into the program. Of course songs like ‘Fake My Own Death’, ‘Underclass Hero’ and ‘Pieces’ were not to be missed.

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The grand finale was ‘Makes No Difference’, ‘Fat Lip’ and ‘Still Waiting’. But Luxembourg wanted even more! No sooner said than done. The Canadians fired two more songs, which surely everybody knew. A cover of the popular QUEEN song ‘We Will Rock You’ as well as the 19 year old song ‘In Too Deep’. What a great first concert in the new year!

01. Turning Away
02. The Hell Song
03. Motivation
04. The Bitter End
05. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
06. We’re All to Blame
07. War
08. Out for Blood
09. The New Sensation
10. Walking Disaster
11. With Me
12. No Reason
13. Fake My Own Death
14. A Death in the Family
15. Screaming Bloody Murder
16. Underclass Hero
17. Pieces
18. The People Vs…
19. Makes No Difference
20. Fat Lip
21. Still Waiting
22. We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
23. In Too Deep

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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