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Rose Tattoo Bochum 2022 1 von 23Zeche, Bochum, Germany
3rd August 2022
Rose Tattoo - “Once in a lifetime European Tour” 2022 - Support: The Poor

ROSE TATTOO finally went on their “Once in a Lifetime European Tour”. “All I need is a Rock ‘n’ Roll band and somewhere new to play” is one line of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’, the first song on the album with which the Australians ROSE TATTOO made their eponymous and angry debut. Today, more than 40 years later, neither the songs, nor the legendary album, nor the joy of playing and the curiosity for new stages have diminished. The “Once in a Lifetime European Tour” runs through Europe in including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, UK and Switzerland.

The Poor

The band THE POOR made the long journey from Australia to Europe as the support band for the Rock band ROSE TATTOO, who also comes from Australia and present their “Once in a lifetime European Tour”. From the beginning, the four guys from Down Under showed what they are capable of. Singer Anthony “Skenie” Skene sang into the microphone with his powerful voice and let his long blond hair bang. He showed that he can also play the guitar when he reached behind himself and put on his guitar belt. The main guitarist Daniel Cox often walked across the stage and played side by side with bassist Matt Whitby.

The Poor Bochum 2022 23 von 25

After the singer of THE POOR was visibly too warm and had taken off his waistcoat, he climbed off the stage and ran through the audience singing. At the end of the hall, he ran up a staircase and over a gallery back to the front of the stage. During the last song, Daniel Cox even played the guitar with his tongue. /

01. Tell Someone Who Cares
02. Trouble
03. Ride
04. Payback’s a Bitch
05. Cry Out
06. Love Shot
07. Man of War
08. Poison
09. More Wine Waiter Please
10. Only the Night

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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Rose Tattoo

After THE POOR had left the stage, the audience could cool down with a cool drink, because it was very warm in the hall. After a short time, the audience gathered again and welcomed ROSE TATTOO singer Gary “Angry” Anderson, who entered the stage with his band colleagues. Already after the first few chords, the Australian singer thrilled the fans. Even when he wasn’t dancing or jumping, he rocked the Zeche in Bochum with his unique smoky voice. Much more active were his bassist Mark Evans and his guitarists Mick Arnold and Bob Spencer. Mick Arnold played the slide guitar, which has shaped the band’s sound for ROSE TATTOO for years. As an encore, ROSE TATTOO played their classic ‘Nice Boys’, with the audience singing along loudly. Even if it wasn’t the greatest performance on stage, the fans got a musically perfect show.

Rose Tattoo Bochum 2022 17 von 23

That same evening, the band went straight on to Wacken, where ROSE TATTOO performed the next evening. /

01. Out of This Place
02. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King
03. Scarred for Life
04. Black Eyed Bruiser
05. Creeper
06. Juice on the Loose
07. Sidewalk Sally
08. It’s Gonna Work Itself Out
09. Nothing to Lose
10. Once in a Lifetime
11. Man About Town
12. We Can’t Be Beaten / Bad Boy for Love
13. 1854
14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw
15. Sweet Love
16. Nice Boys

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg
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