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solarfake2014 05Interview with

Sven Friedrich (vocals) from Solar Fake

This time I decided to be carefully prepared for the interview: I’ve read a lot of different interviews with Sven Friedrich, listened to songs and finally managed to make a list of fine questions. But as usually everything has gone in another way and new questions have been made just before the event. So everything was made to continue a good tradition of “hasty” interviews with a lot of fun and Russian-English-German switching. However I was really impressed by some answers and I hope that all the readers will find something interesting for themselves. Just read and enjoy!

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Hello! Happy to see you in Russia! So what do you expect from the concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow?
Sven: Nothing really. We’ll play with Hendrik from Janosch Moldau today, because Andre fell ill and Frank is still ill. So it’s like that!

RoD: It was very brave of you to come!
Sven: Yes, yes, really. We’ll see. And I think it will be good. We rehearsed last night quite a lot, so everything will be fine.

RoD: What is more comfortable for you: to play at big festivals or in clubs?
solarfake2014 07Sven: At big festivals because you don’t care about anything, you just come and play. So it’s definitely more comfortable but both variants are very good, fun, so I like both.

RoD: And after so many shows played, are you still nervous before a gig?
Sven: Yes, yes, absolutely. It’s like 30 minutes before and I really start getting nervous, you can’t talk to me.

RoD: Do you have any pre-concert ritual?
Sven: No, I always find time to train my voice before everything starts and that’s all.

RoD: Speaking about your latest album, the process of its recording was a pleasure or a hard work?
Sven: It’s always both at the same time. Of course, it’s a hard work because you have to work quite professionally even if you don’t want to. But there’s also a lot of fun and I like it.

RoD: And did you have just one main idea for ‘Reasons to Kill’ or were there several different stories that you managed to unite under the same title?
Sven: The title is actually the last thing you are trying to find. I never follow any special concept or whatever, I just write songs. I usually write all the songs at the same period of time so they all are connected in some way.

RoD: So for you music is just work, a kind of art or a way of self-expression?
Sven: Everything. And of course it’s my work.

RoD: Have you ever thought about the influence your music exerts on the people listening to it?
Sven: No, never, because I just don’t work for people. I think the only person who really has to be satisfied with it, is me. And I think in this case many people will like it, too. They will like my work in general.

RoD: And what attracts you in the carrier of a musician?
solarfake2014 02Sven: I don’t know. I think that the best thing is to have your album finished. When you are working for months on an album and then it’s done, it’s a great moment.

RoD: But when you are not making music or touring, what are you doing?
Sven: Nothing. I’m working every time.

RoD: Do you have any hobbies?
Sven: No. Not really enough time for hobbies. I’m working. I work on my own company for art and stuff, like graphic design.

RoD: And after reading many interviews with you, I learnt that you like to make cover versions of different songs.
Sven: Yeah!

RoD: You have even made a cover version of the song by DREADFUL SHADOWS. So are you planning to make cover versions of ZERAPHINE’s songs as well?
Sven: No, I never have plans about any cover versions. It’s just something that comes to my mind.

RoD: Maybe an album of cover versions…
Sven: Well, I don’t think it will satisfy me. It’s just like something for each album.

RoD: And how could you define “success”?
Sven: I don’t know. It’s when other people like what you are doing.

RoD: Your songs are getting more and more well-known, you have a large fan club, your popularity is growing, so what do you need to write a hit song?
Sven: I just need my computer. That’s all, really. I need a good idea and a computer.

RoD: You write your songs on a computer?
Sven: Yeah.

RoD: So your songs are dark, thought-provoking, profound, and your stage image is a bit dark…
Sven: No. Well, you will see. It’s not really dark.

And actually I saw, but that will be another story or review to be exact. But we go on.

RoD: Ok. But in real life are there any things that make you happy, like, I don’t know, a successful concert or a good weather or else?
solarfake2014 06Sven: Animals always make me happy, if they are not treated badly. So I like them, this is something that I really enjoy.

RoD: Animals? And do you have any?
Sven: Yes, yes, I have a dog and a few cats.

RoD: Do you help street cats and dogs?
Sven: Oh, yes, sure. I feed them. And I also support a group of people who take care of cats. Well, they castrate the cats to stop the overpopulation and help them and so on.

RoD: That’s great!
Sven: And I give all the extra money that I have to PETA which is a very strong and very powerful organization against animal mistreatment.

RoD: Wow! And you are a vegetarian, right?
Sven: Yes!

Well, as I was just bowled out with the previous answers and all other questions got lost their importance anyway, it was better to finish the interview on such a great note! And…

RoD: Well, that’s so amazing! And finally, please say something to our readers.
Sven: I’m not good at that.

RoD: But it’s a traditional question actually.
Sven: Well, ok. It’s so great being here in Russia. I’m for the first time in St. Petersburg actually. And I hope, or it’s better to say I wish I would have more time to see it.

RoD: Did you manage to see something?
Sven: Yeah, but it’s just like a very small piece.

RoD: You must see Petergof. It’s a very beautiful place with a lot of fountains. I mean, someday.
Sven: Yeah, someday. Maybe next time I’ll have at least one week to walk around and see everything.

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