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va efs07
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 (2011)
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 19th September 2011
Label: Electric Fantastic Sound

Album Review

The releases of Electric Fantastic Sound are a part of an unspoken “tradition” covering electro pop bands around the globe. Some of them are grounded directly to the 80’s, some others have a more quirky sound and all of them are included to cover the quite diverse tastes of this sub-genre.

SOCIAL AMBITIONS open up this collection with ‘Commandments’ a synth pop song with its minimal sounds, the nostalgic kind that is played with two fingers. GRETTA GUNN has combined pop and break-dance elements with an almost electro feeling and thus ‘Bop’ is one of the most interesting songs in this CD. One of the best bands included here is MOCKBA80 with ‘Falling’, a song utterly catchy and on the verge of a more Electro approach managing though to keep its pop aspects. Surely they are a band to watch out in the future. N_SAMBO’s ‘When I’m Alone’ is a rockish pop song which has its own share of interest.

NINJASPARK as it seems they’ve developed a love affair with the disco while the FLUX deliver a slow but emotive song, one of the best in this compilation. QUELLES PAROLES play here a robo-disco song, of the style “we are the robots ugh ugh” while the SLUTET are obviously influenced by the U2 and whatever ‘Psykbryt’ means its beginning sounds like ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ in a “I’m a Legend” pop distortion, while ‘Zombie’ of SPLISTAR is a dilettante dude with broken fingernails searching for a proper file. THE GARLAND CULT has put so much vinyl aesthetics on the ‘Ether’ that it is more than enough to wrap Guatemala’s annual banana production with it. Closing this CD, DISCODIKTATOR is here to offer the most serious piece of advice I’ve heard the last years... ‘Never Trust A Klingon’ a cover version of S.P.O.C.K’s classic that has a fun as it lingers between Blues and Pop.

After all that what is left? I guess the fun part and the light mood that comes along. Do you want to play who’s influenced who with your friends? Are you still putting sugar and lemon on your hair? Do you love the 80’s synth-pop but none of your friends knows anything about it? Then this compilation is for you. For the rest of you this is an interesting scoop of not that well known bands (the majority of them that is) that will offer you a pleasant listening.


01. Social Ambitions – Commandments
02. Nena And The Superyeahs – A Little Of You
03. Gretta Gunn – Bop
04. Atari Cowboy – Autotune Your Life
05. Disco Wacko – Friendly Teddy
06. The Crashlanders – När Vi Faller
07. Departed – Until The Moment Comes
08. Mockba80 – Falling
09. N_Sambo – When I'm Alone
10. Ninjaspark – Rullskridskodisco (FuwaFuwa Remix)
11. Flux – Concrete
12. Libra – Fullfilled
13. Quelles Paroles – Terms Of Alloy
14. Decency – Doesn't Matter
15. Slutet – Psykbryt (Kontinentaleuropa Remix)
16. New Modern Angels – St. Petersburg (Edit)
17. Spilstar – Zombie
18. The Garland Cult – Ether feat. Synthetik FM
19. The Thought Criminals – Pay Her To Lay Her
20. Diskodiktator – Never Trust A Klingon (Edit)


Cover Picture

va efs07


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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