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va eo4
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Emerging Organisms Vol.4
Genre: Electronica
Release Date: 9th August 2011
Label: Tympanik Audio

Album Review

The waiting time was longer than usual (Shame on you guys) for the fourth edition of the 'Emerging Organisms' compilation series which has become quite a brand for lovers of sophisticated electronic music since its inception in November 2007. A regular guest to the compilation ever since the first edition is Ben Lucas Boysen aka HECQ who delivers a 'Ritual Study' a start of disc one. It creates a an aural vision of a post apocalyptic wasteland to mingle with the highly textural effect of orchestral arrangements that abruptly break into nothingness. ARCHITECT is following right up with a beat-driven score incorporating parts of film music and thus caters for a few dramatic moments. The newest baby of ACCESS TO ARASAKA is restive in opening up to the listener. Edgy and hard sounds dominate. Possibly the harshest material heard of him yet and maybe a taste of the upcoming album. DISPLACER's taking us to the 'Outland' which is more beta dominated than ever before. The ambience, if ever existent, is cold, the heavy bass drum kicking your guts.

If you know previous works of NEBULO you know about his penchant for the abstract. Everything that can make a sound is used to create highly complex patterns interspersed with field recordings and ominous melodies. 'Abslog' is an engaging piece, moreover it's challenging. Unknown to me up to that moment OCOEUR spawns one of the comp's highlight with their 'Ephemeral Beauty' where glitchy beats meet heavenly and immersive soundscapes of timeless beauty. BOY IS FICTION combines emotive piano movements with 80s spirited beats. A style of simplicity but the motifs it evokes in your mind can be of exceeding complexity. SUBHEIM opens the second disc with 'Mir50' and follows the style developed on its second album to a more organic approach using natural instruments like percussion with electronics to support them. TAPAGE provides something danceable for a change but with the usual quirky undertones and an endearing melody. Pitch-black it gets when KILWATTS digs up the 'Transmogrifier' which has poison-green clouds of fog come up from hell juts to add a catchy melodic groove later.

It's summer and yet it rains, now its autumn and the sun is shining. It's all about contrasts and FLAQUE brings many of them together on 'Meridian' which for a long duration is an atmospheric field recording with electronic bits injected. Later it turns out that these bits are build around that recording to multiply its impact. 'Snowday' has instantly become a favourite though it doesn't fit the current weather at all. Clay nicely captures the mood of a 'Snowday' and turns it into a track whose magic you can't escape from. NORTHCAPE's '1AM Transition' is a pure chill-out track light a cruise through a city at midnight. Last but not least we've got a live track with Bola's 'Szeeafar' emitting moody waves and bringing in a trip-hop element to the rhythm section though that one appears much more complex. Every time a new 'Emerging Organism' comes out I am having a hard time deciding which tracks I pick for the review cause I obviously can't include them all. This time I found it nearly impossible yet I think I picked the right ones to show how varied and quality-based the compilation is, and ho wit has become a rich source for those of you interested in electronic music out of the ordinary.


01. Hecq: Ritual Study
02. Architect: Episode 7 (Tympanik edit)
03. Access To Arasaka: Razorgirl
04. Diaphane: Insight
05. Frank Riggio: Tryk Alimba
06. To Travel Without Any Certain Destination: Night After The Carnival (Libido Formandi rmx)
07. Displacer: Outland
08. C.H. District: Con-trust (DJ Sajko rmx)
09. Stendeck: The Secret Behind The Third Door
10. Dryft: Clustr2
11. Nebulo: Abslog
12. Ocoeur: Ephemeral Beauty
13. Boy Is Fiction: Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)
14. Logical Disorder: After The Battle
15. Erode: Disengage

01. Subheim: Mir50
02. Miroslav: Terminal
03. Keef Baker: Cranesong
04. Tapage: Last
05. KiloWatts: Transmogrifier
06. Matta: Be There
07. Port-Royal: Spider Toupet
08. SE: 0459
09. Mobthrow: Birds Fly High
10. Flaque: Meridian
11. Snowday
12. Northcape: 1am Transition
13. Anklebiter: Rearview
14. Bola: Szeaafar (live)


Various Artists


Cover Picture

va eo4


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Artwork: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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