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winterseverityindex ep
Artist: Winter Severity Index
Title: Winter Severity Index EP
Genre: Dark Wave / Post Punk
Release Date: 9th December 2011
Label: afmusic

EP Review

It is peculiar to start a review with apparently sad news but the WINTER SEVERITY INDEX announced that they are taking a hiatus as of Friday 3rd, February. Some bands had done this in the past as a publicity stunt but it’s too early to say if the Italian Dark Wave band is following that route or if it’s due to personal problems or internal disputes.

In any case, in this CD, which is their debut, they explore rather familiar Dark Wave paths, having as a strong point Simona Ferrucci’s vocals. She manages to fuse passion into the songs and transcend the otherwise early 80’s sound of the band. Though they bear some similarities with THE ORGAN - both bands used to have all out female members and they were inspired by the early New Wave - they distanced themselves from that because their music is not just inspired by JOY DIVISION or THE SMITHS but from a broader spectrum of the 80’s. And the results are that the band managed to add some layers of emotion and of dark atmosphere throughout their EP making it a safe guarantee for a great future. Unfortunately things might turn out differently...


01. The Wiser – 3:48
02. Severity – 3:48
03. While We’re Living – 4:08
04. Blind Me – 3:23
05. Motionless – 4:43


Simona Ferrucci – Vocals / Guitar
Mushy – Synth
Diana Salzo – Bass
Elyria – Drums


Cover Picture

winterseverityindex ep


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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