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unzucht todsuende8
Artist: Unzucht
Title: Todsünde 8
Genre: Gothic / Industrial
Release Date: 21st September 2012
Label: NoCut

Album Review

UNZUCHT is a great example of the band, which members can’t sleep well, knowing of the glory of RAMMSTEIN. Exploiting the typical commercial tricks of the legendary band, UNZUCHT placed themselves in the line with dozen of other bands, trying to reach the high goal. It is quite predictable, that sometimes it sounds like a parody, for example the song ‘Unzucht’. Yes, it happens, that with their debut the band tries to represent itself, saying “my name is…”, but in this case it sounds as a strange tribute. So since envy, pride and greed are already on the list, what do the musicians call the eighth deadly sin?

Sometimes, listening to ‘Todsünde 8’ it seems that the band was looking for the easiest way. Without having the vision of their own music, or without having anything new they could bring to the world, the musicians made up the set of clichés, combining the best facets of modern German dark scene. There is a bit of RAMMSTEIN and EISBRECHER, a bit of ASP and STAUBKIND. But to be fair the mixture is quite good. Even if there is nothing really new and nothing you didn’t expect, it is still quite pleasant to listen to. The band took not just the best from the past, but managed to mix it with modern trends. The vocalist sings in the Luis Manke or Peter Heppner manner, which becomes more and more popular and supplant the typical deep German vocals à la Till Lindemann.

The melody is build up mostly with the help of the voice. As for the background, it is simple electronics, supported and intensified by drums and guitars. In general ‘Todsünde 8’ is a very nice, but deadly typical album of another German dark scene band. It’s a nice start, but the band should think hard of its further perspectives. Releasing the second alike album wouldn’t be as sweet as the debut work, where it is possible to forgive the young yearning for making music.


01. Allein
02. Engel der Vernichtung
03. Das Belgische Inferno
04. Auf Sturm
05. Während wir uns verlieren
06. Unzucht
07. Meine Liebe
08. Todsünde 8
09. Der letzte Tanz
10. Deine Zeit läuft ab
11. Ungesicht
12. Schwarzes Blut
13. Wie Alles anfing


De Clercq - Guitar, electronics, vocals 
Der Schulz - Vocals
Blaschke - Bass
Fuhrmann - Drums


Cover Picture

unzucht todsuende8


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10


0 #1 Heike 2012-09-13 09:14
ich werd nie verstehen, wie man Unzucht mit Rammstein vergleichen kann... Sehe ich überhaupt gar nicht und finde ich doch sehr einfach...
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