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ulver childhoodsend
Artist: Ulver
Title: Childhood´s End
Genre: Progressive Rock / Metal / Alternative
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: kScope Records

Album Review

“It's 1969, OK?” – ULVER’s Facebook Info Text

Okay, this is really freaking me out! If one thing is unpredictable, then it’s the fact that ULVER is not. Within their career there’s hardly another band that changed their style so radically, so innovatively and after all so consequently. In 2011, ULVER released their last studio-album ‘War of the roses’ - a brilliant album that would encourage to carry on what they did last year. In fact, they did something completely different without letting go…!

‘Childhood’s End’ is a pure cover album, but not in an usual way… of course, those guys did not just cover their selection of songs. The big deal is to enshrine the unique spirit of every song and to add the distinctive ULVER-sound. The result is an impressive and overwhelming reference to an era from today’s view.

Seems like the parents of all members of ULVER could be proud that their influence on their children finally broke loose and they’re addicted to 60´s Psychedelic and Garage Rock songs. Considerable bands and others one might not heard of or is not used to found its place on this release. Whether it’s JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, THE TROGGS, THE BYRDS or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… all of these cover versions breathe the 60´s spirit while played and broadened by musicians from now.

This album is a big bow to all the artists the guys from ULVER like and that might inspire them – the whole trick is to let the spirit of the original sink in while at once bring your own influence to bear. Mission accomplished! Well done! I’m overwhelmed!


01. Bracelets Of Fingers (Pretty Things)
02. Lament Of The Astral Cowboy (Curt Boettcher)
03. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone (Gandalf)
04. Soon There'll Be Thunder (Common People)
05. Today (Jefferson Airplane)
06. Street Song (13th Floor Elevator)
07. 66-5-4-3-2-1 (Troggs)
08. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (The Electric Prunes)
09. I Can See The Light (Les Fleur De Lys)
10. The Trap (Bonniwell's Music Machine)
11. Everybody's Been Burned (The Byrds)
12. Dark Is The Bark (Left Banke)
13. Living In The Past (Chocolate Watchband)
14. Velvet Sunsets (Music Emporium)
15. Magic Hollow (Beau Brummels)
16. Where Is Yesterday (United States Of America)


Bass - Daniel O’Sullivan
Vocals - Kristoffer Rygg
Guitar - Daniel O‘Sullivan
Keys - Tore Ylwizaker, Daniel O‘Sullivan
Other - Kristoffer Rygg (Programming), Tore Ylwizaker (Programming), Jøn H. Sværen (misc.)

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Cover Picture

ulver childhoodsend


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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