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umbraetimago meaculpa dieweltbrennt
Artist: Umbra et Imago
Title: Mea Culpa (Re-Release) + Bonus: Die Welt Brennt
Genre: Neue Deutsche Härte / Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal
Release Date: 31st May 2013
Label: Oblivion / SPV

Album Review

In the heart of (Shadow and image) UMBRA ET IMAGO is Mozart, who formed the band over 20 years ago; deeply inspired by Dr Freud its expression centres on sexuality as a core of one’s being, employing a cynical edge to lyrics to critique human society often using BDSM and vampiric imagery and at times a theatrical approach within the Gothic Metal genre mixed with NDH. Their album of 2000 ‘Mea Culpa’ is now under re-release, of course you’ll find Mozart’s answer to Falco’s most famous songs (which may be lost to the Y generation but not the X) in the short intro ‘1780’ to ‘Rock Me Amadeus’.

You’ll also find other great songs, one maybe because it’s becoming topical in present rise of far right parties in Europe in fascist-critical ‘Teutonenlied’, the song’s cutting lyrics are underlined with bombast as much as a sense of melancholy. As it goes the songs alternate between the more Gothic Metal and Neue Deutsche Härte, enough for the band to be marked out as “Rammstein meets Type O-Negative”. ‘Lieber Gott’ will demonstrate a perfect union of both and also a great feel for memorable hook, melody and pacing, whilst ‘Weinst Du’ shows an inventive use of genre-unexpected instruments such as bagpipe, it could have easily misfired in a lesser skilled hands, but here it really comes off.

As a goal of reissues goes – it’s a certainly great introduction to new listeners and a nice reminder to old fans. As bonus you’ll get the ‘Die Welt Brennt’ DVD.


Disk 1 (CD)
01. Intro
02. Lieber Gott
03. Schmerz
04. Mea Culpa
05. Goth Music
06. Prinz Vogelfrei
07. Teutonenlied
08. Jahr und Tag
09. Aufrecht
10. Weinst Du
11. 1780
12. Rock me Amadeus
13. Vater
14. Der neue Hass

Disk 2 (DVD)
01. Dionysos
02. Mein Buch
03. Feuer Und Licht
04. She Is Calling
05. Goth Music
06. Lieber Gott
07. Milch
08. Schweigen Ist Gold
09. Mea Culpa
10. Alles Schwarz
11. Viva Lesbian-Show
12. Dunkle Energie
13. White Wedding
14. Teutonenlied
15. Amadeus
16. TV-Macht Krank


Manuel Munz (a.k.a Mozart) – Vocals
Sascha Dannenberger – Guitar
Freddy Stürze – Guitar
Madeleine Le Roy – Vocals
Erwin Schmidt a.k.a (T)Erwin(ator) – Bass
Lars Lippa – Drums

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Cover Picture

umbraetimago meaculpa dieweltbrennt


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: DVD
Total: 8.5 / 10

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