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withintemptation hydra
Artist: Within Temptation
Title: Hydra
Genre: Pop / Rock / Symphonic Metal
Release Date: 31st January 2014
Label: BMG Rights Management

Album Review

The band from the Netherlands is so famous that there is no need to get deep in prefaces. In the middle of the 90s it was one of the first to introduce female-fronted metal to the world scene and of course it was a success. The specific feature of WT is absence of the popular “beauty and the beast” vocal sample. Sharon den Adel is the only beauty and singer of the band from the start. However some beasts were invited occasionally in order to add variety and freshness to the sound. The new album is no exception.

Four duets certainly pay great attention to the new record of WITHIN TEMPTATION. TARJA TURUNEN doesn’t need to be introduced. The listener can only imagine how wonderful these two metal-ladies can sound together and his or her interest to the record will do the rest. HOWARD JONES, DAVE PIRNER and XZIBIT add some male brutality and even hip-hop features to the arrangement. As for the basic structure, everything is predictable: fast and aggressive tracks are skilfully combined with ballads. Sharon’s vocals sound clear and piercing in the first and intimately quiet and low in the latter ones. One may remark that the band didn’t make any step forward in the instrumental element though it’s hardly possible, remembering concerts with symphony orchestra and masterful playing on the previous albums. Creating perfection from the start leaves no goals to achieve. However you can notice that the whole atmosphere became more earthly and modern, if we compare it with ‘Silent Force’, where every note was breathing with celestial romance and coldness. Sharon sings lower and it’s easy to perceive without getting bored.

The whole impression is certainly good, no other variants. The fans will be satisfied and those who can’t be named the fans (like me for instance) will hear what they expected to hear. Nothing worse, nothing strikingly new. Closer to the end the record can even seem annoying regardless of the 10 tracks diluted with special guests and their fashionable influences. But still symphonic metal and progressive elements are for those who are never tired of flawlessness, who value high-quality music and who are no strangers to the classical heritage.  


01. Let Us Burn – 5:31
02. Dangerous (featuring Howard Jones) – 4:53
03. And We Run (featuring Xzibit) – 3:50
04. Paradise (What About Us?) (featuring Tarja Turunen) – 5:19
05. Edge of the World – 4:55
06. Silver Moonlight – 5:16
07. Covered by Roses – 4:47
08. Dog Days – 4:47
09. Tell Me Why – 6:12
10. Whole World Is Watching (featuring Dave Pirner) – 4:03


Sharon den Adel – Vocals
Robert Westerholt – Guitar
Ruud Jolie – Lead Guitar
Stefan Helleblad – Guitar
Jeroen Van Veen – Bass
Martijn Spierenburg – Keyboards
Mike Coolen – Drums

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Cover Picture

withintemptation hydra


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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