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va emergingorganisms5
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Emerging Organisms Vol. 5
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 14th October 2014
Label: Tympanik Audio

Album Review

7 years ago, Tympanik Audio was just yet another name among a list of labels treating people to a rather sophisticated brand of electronic music and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's made first contact with the label's palette through the very first 'Emerging Organisms'. Fast forward seven years, Tympanik Audio has become a brand for those looking for the extra bit of quality and difference in electronic music landscape thanks to the hard work of everyone involved and a keen ear for good music. The year 2014 also brings the fifth instalment of the 'Emerging Organisms' series where yet again friends and members of the label family have contributed unreleased and exclusive material that covers a broad variety of styles, may it be the distorted ambient intro of DREISSK's 'Way Out' that halfway into the track kicks it up a notch by adding vibrant percussion, or THE EMPATH with its 'Trackology' focusing on interlocking massive rhythms backed up by the occasional wall of orchestral grace for good measure

Between the well-established names, there's always one or the other new gem to find in the tracklist,  two particularly striking examples being THE WALTON HOAX and their rather melancholy infused poppy endeavour 'Limitless' and JAN AMIT's 'Ghostly Blossom' a serene composition build on crunching beat work thickly layered ambient and glockenspiel. HURON, may be known to those followers of Dirk Geiger's Raumklang Music imprint, plays it pretty safe with a lean IDM track that might appeal to those having found pleasure in ACCESS TO ARASAKA. COMADUSTER gives us a hint at what can be expected next with 'Car Crash At Sea'. Albeit being very calm the erratic beat section and the multitude of micro edits to it will make sure there's lot's to take in even after a variety of spins. I'm also very excited IDLEFON has a new track placed on it. He's got a very special take on ambient that I for one hadn't come across anywhere else before. You can immerse yourself completely in its washes POORDREAM from Greece is another new signing to the label. 'Flying Blind' is taken form the debut 'Ninetynine' which has just been released by the time I'M writing this. IT treads trip-hop waters with a sincere nostalgic and organic edge that makes for an endearing listen.

There is of course much more than those hand-picked selection of tracks, but where would be the fun in taking the task of exploring it all on your own away from you by spoiling it. So go get it and have fun listening.


CD 1
01. Dreissk: Way Out - 04:46
02. Atiq & EnK: Revival - 04:22
03. The_Empath: Trackology (Special Derivative) - 05:54
04. VNDL: Cosme - 03:59
05. Roel Funcken: Chrone - 03:45
06. Ginormous: Slugs - 04:19
07. Balkansky: Sleep Well - 03:35
08. Ocoeur: Reconstitution (Re-edit) - 03:58
09. Blossom: White Deer - 04:41
10. The Walton Hoax: Limitless - 04:48
11. Jan Amit: Ghostly Blossom - 05:37
12. MultiColor: A Special Moment (Remix by Lights Out Asia) - 04:44
13. Frank Riggio: Fullof - 03:56
14. Displacer: Slow Blade - 05:03
15. Blamstrain: Goodbye AH - 04:11
16. Zinovia: Blind - 04:19
17. Flesh and Bone for Armour

CD 2
01. Huron: Survive - 06:49
02. Adsol: Time - 06:02
03. Underfelt: Everybody Has Nightmares - 05:37
04. Cloud Roots feat. Tineidae: Drama Oceana - 05:24
05. Pleq and Marihiko Hara: Night Air - 04:21
06. Tangent: Interpolating Waves - 04:17
07. Dirk Geiger: Mrs. Alien - 06:24
08. Miktek: Deep Dive Conversations - 05:59
09. Comaduster: Car Crash at Sea - 04:09
10. Idlefon: Stonefall - 05:59
11. Poordream: Flying Blind - 07:19
12. r.roo: Somno Diu Erit - 09:19
13. Charles & The Fury: Fissions of You - 07:34


Cover Picture

va emergingorganisms5


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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