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ysatlov please1
Artist: Ys Atlov
Title: Please EP
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 16th February 2015
Label: Mat & Golem XIII Productions / M-TRONIC

EP Review

Here’s a newcomer from France, YS ATLOV. Newcomer but no beginner as she had multiple band experiences in the past and it makes a couple of years that some tracks are available on her Soundcloud. And as usual with French talents (Foretaste, Owlle, Waiting For Words…), this release comes with a complete concept: the visual is superb (pictures by the famous French photographer Frédéric Fontenoy and cover designed by the no less famous Akiza) and a very sensual and chic image. On top of that, it’s interesting to see that her management is handled by some well-known French DJ’s, the duet Mat & Golem XIII who mixes regularly in EBM / Dark or New Wave party in France.

But YS ATLOV is neither an image, nor a puppet in the hands of some producers. Her voice is absolutely fabulous and far away from the usual synth pop voices. There’s a deep soul texture, she obviously have a strong songwriting and arrangement talent as she seems to own the all musical aspects. So, what about the music? The title track ‘Please’ is clearly an instant club hit. Very NEW ORDER / PET SHOP BOYS alike. ‘You Can’t Fool Me’ is darker and melancholic reminding me a lot of Depeche’s 1983-1986 era. ‘The Eastender’ and ‘Oh My God, How Did I Get There’ (superb vocal part on the chorus, very ethereal) are much darker minimal electro tracks but still with some infectious melodies. As per the ‘Knee remix’ of ‘Please’ by PEOPLE THEATRE, we recognize straight ahead Peter’s touch. It reminds me a lot of his masterpiece for WAITING FOR WORDS, the Arrow Version of ‘Follow My Voice’.

Let’s hope that those vinyl only tracks will also be available one day in digital or CD. I strongly recommend you to visit the Soundcloud page of YS ATLOV as there’s plenty of other brilliant tracks: ‘Back To Yesterday’, ‘Invade Me’, a remix of NITZER EBB’s ‘Let Your Body Learn’, a cover of the cult Klaus Nomi’s ‘Total Eclypse’ and… a damn good remix by my beloved WAITING FOR WORDS of her track ‘Lost Spaces’. Note that WFW’ ZeN is the live keyboard player of YS ATLOV … it’s a small world…

CD, Vinyl, Merchandising:


01. Please
02. Please (People Theatre’s Knee Mix)
03. The Eastender

Digital/ Vinyl EP
01. Please
02. The Eastender
03. You Can’t Fool Me
04. Please (People Theatre’s Knee Mix)
05. Oh My God, How Did I Get There


Cover Picture

ysatlov please1ysatlov please2


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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