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xmh inyourface
Artist: XMH
Title: In Your Face
Genre: Dark Electro, EBM
Release Date: 4th April 2014
Label: Alfa Matrix

Album Review

The new album of Dutch dark electro project XMH, entitled ‘In Your Face’, is supposed to demonstrate a new musical level the trio has achieved. However I didn’t hear previous creations of the band, so without any comparisons or empty words, let’s get down to the new release. It contains twelve tracks and it’s obviously electronic, so to listen to that stuff you should either like such kind of music or stay in the right mood or in a club, otherwise you will stop it after the first song. However the next sounds better and as the album proceeds, more and more interesting sonic effects come out, and all components of the compositions are well-balanced and harmonized. Some songs may even surprise you, like ‘The Blind’ which starts with the piano, unfortunately that line is very short, but it manages to dilute an electronic atmosphere and bring some life into the synthetic world of machines.

On ‘Failing Technology’ the music becomes darker and sounds more artificial than before, fully proving the title of the song. The vocals seem to be a disputable question. Of course there are some moments but in whole they are not enough to impress a listener, or maybe that manner of singing suits the genre. Actually the best track on the album is final one, very aptly entitled ‘The One That Ends It All’ and it not only ends the record but simply gives a sort of relief after the intense electronic attack. Besides it’s the only song without vocals allowing a listener to focus just on the melody. In whole the material is way too specific and sometimes unpredictable, but several compositions can be considered quite danceable. Also sometimes it’s hard to catch the point when one piece stops and another starts, as the music is going in a single stream. Anyway fans of the style will definitely find ‘In Your Face’ good enough for themselves.


01. The Business – 4:40
02. Product – 3:58
03. Snakes – 3:58
04. Forever – 4:41
05. Great and Unfortunate Things – 4:08
06. The Blind – 4:24
07. Failing Technology – 4:35
08. In Your Face – 4:00
09. System Collapse – 4:51
10. Stiere und Schwule – 3:52
11. Lay You to Waste – 3:54
12. The One That Ends It All – 5:57


Benjamin Samson
Isa Garcia
Pieter Sperling

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Cover Picture

xmh inyourface


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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