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whitebirches whenthestreetcalls
Artist: White Birches
Title: When the Street Calls
Genre: Dark Wave
Release Date: 9th February 2018
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

‘When the Street Calls’ is the 2nd album from WHITE BIRCHES who remind me a bit of KATE BUSH. ‘Trouble’ is the first song and comes with some sounds which fit to the title. Music is accusatory and experimental. Next track is ‘Under My Spell’ a very expressive, melancholic and powerful song. The vocals of Jenny are very wholehearted and strong. Number three is ‘Howl’ which is the first real Dark Wave track on this album for me. Sounds a bit like the early SISTERS OF MERCY which is meant as compliment. ‘The River’ is the next song and is a very melancholic and suing song which is typical for that genre. The 5th track is ‘False Prophets’ which increases the tempo. When I listen to it I’m in a good old gothic club, hair open and dancing. ’Gravity’ is the next song and comes with some rough sounds and powerful guitars paired with some nice Synths. Track number seven, ‘Decay’, is starting with some ominous synthetic sounds without vocals, just some samples are to hear. Last song is also the name giving track ‘When The Street Calls’. It is bringing back the melodies and the vocals. That’s another great dark wave song with strong vocals. It is a great dark wave album with social critical topic.


01. Trouble
02. Under My Spell
03. Howl
04. The River
05. False Prophets
06. Gravity
07. Decay
08 When The Street Calls


Fredrik Jonasson
Jenny Gabrielsson Mare

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Cover Picture

whitebirches whenthestreetcalls


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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