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wiegand released
Artist: Wiegand
Title: Released
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 20th December 2018
Label: recordJet

Album Review

WIEGAND is a one-man project of Helge Wiegand. Apart from his solo project that started in 2011 with the release of ‘Between the worlds’, he is also renowned for being a keyboard player and a vocalist of such projects as DIORAMA and T.O.Y. The music he presents on his releases (‘Between the worlds’ of 2011, ‘The little man’ of 2016 and ‘Floating Away’ of 2018) so far is a mixture of Synth Pop dynamism, masterly ordered sounds and warm, well-balanced vocals. His newest album (to be out on 20th of December) will be a perfect Christmas treat for you if you are fond of vast open spaces in music, warmth and velvety quality of piano sounds and Synth Pop vigour tinted very nicely with an electronic twist.

‘Release’ consists of twelve songs, two of them being piano versions and two were previously released as singles. The album opens with ‘Down the memory lane’ which sets a leading motive for the entire album and that is vitality, energy and the impression of vast space, open, freely running sounds and a gentle moderate vocal. ‘Floating Away’ has every quality to become a dance floor hit. It was previously released as a single, with remixes by, e.g. T.O.Y, FROZEN PLASMA or SUPERIKONE. By combining some dancy, compelling melodies with fast-paced, invigorating passages and highly catchy, heart-touching, powerful refrain parts WIEGAND reached a dynamic, captivating effect.

‘Falling’ is a bit dreamy, melancholic piece featuring deep, profound, heart-touching vocals and melodies that give an extremely lyrical and overpowering effect. It’s a fine, beautiful song with a nostalgic tint. It also features great guitar line by Zura Dzagnidze (DIORAMA) which adds some rock quality to the song. ‘The room’ brings us back to the dynamic pace, well set sounds that reach unison with a lyrical vocals. It has a nice tempo that creates impression of freely yet orderly mastered sounds. The impression of open space I mentioned at the beginning is fully represented here and I really like the sonic set that was chosen for the song.

The one outstanding piece on the album is definitely ‘Hideaway’ since it features a mysterious, the most gloomy atmosphere. If I could call up for any Darkwave elements for the WIEGAND music that would definitely be on this piece. It has the mark so characteristic for the project, that is dynamism and great beat, but the sounds, unlike the rest of the album, represent a darker, gloomier stream. ‘Time’, the next song on the album, opens with a warm, vocalic intro and it speeds up in a while to reach a nice, medium fast pace. Actually, it follows the prevailing note of the entire album that is the mixture of dynamism, lyrical vocals and the sort of very fetching depth that reaches the listener’s heart instantly. It also features some strongest, most powerful blasts that make the piece the sharpest one on the album. It is also thanks to the input by Hilger of DIARY OF DREAMS that’s present on the song.

‘Superheld’ is the most exquisite and ethereal song on the release. It is also the only one with lyrics in German. It’s very subtle, delicate and refined. Beautiful piano sound interwoven with mild, tender vocal and crystalline sonic tints in the background make it a fine example of a sophisticated, Synth Pop ballad. ‘The little man’ - also previously released as single (in 2016) - takes us back to the dynamic path, so distinctive for WIEGAND. It’s the song Helge wrote for his son (“a small, fragile buddy”) when he was born and it’s really heart-touching, especially when you listen carefully to the lyrics. These are filled with love and they really warm one’s heart up, especially in a part when you can hear a “father-mother” duo singing for the baby. Needless to say it’s one of my personal favourites on the album, also due to the most fantastic, stable pace and sonic high powered order which make the song a fine example of the very essence of the project’s roots.

‘Waiting in line’ features a highly electronic, Synth Pop, slow paced, hypnotizing and a bit trance melody that goes very nicely modified, deep vocals. Just like I mentioned before, two songs have their piano versions on the album - ‘Down the memory lane’ and ‘Falling’ - these are far more profound, heart-touching and melancholic versions of the original tracks. The combination of live piano and warm, poignant voice make them the most beautiful, harmonious and moving songs on the album. They quieten, pacify, stop you in the rush, make you listen and think. They are most amazing, emotionally moving, subtle and yet extremely powerful pieces. The delicate ending leaves the listener totally mesmerized and silenced. The album closes with the remix of ‘Floating away’. The finale creates a nice frame construction of the release since it generically links to the Synth Pop, dynamic, electronic intro.

All in all I’d say ‘Released’ demonstrates the best that can be reached within the Synth Pop genre. Stunning, velvet-quality vocal, perfection of sound choice and arrangement, fine musical quality and catchy, well-designed compositions. Plus the lyrics on life, people and their ways - the most universal topic - limitless when it comes to its exploration and personalisation. All these elements stand make the album a “must” for any fan of the genre.


01. Down the memory lane
02. Float Away
03. Falling
04. The room
05. Hideaway
06. Time
07. Superheld
08. The little man
09. Waiting in line
10. Down the memory lane (piano version)
11. Falling (piano version)
12. Floating away (aftershow remix)


Helge Wiegand


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wiegand released


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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