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voeltage spellboundcountry
Artist: Völtage
Title: Spellbound Country
Genre: NWOTHM (New Wave of True Heavy Metal) / Speed Metal
Release Date: 18th May 2019
Label: Self-Released

Demo Review

To my question about a bit of information concerning the band I got an direct message over Instagram that was extraordinary, gutsy and positively strange... VÖLTAGE describe themselves as a 5-piece, New Wave of True Heavy Metal band, hailing from Atlanta. Their primary influences consist of JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, EXCITER and the likes of GRIM REAPER (with a Punk production as I was told via Instagram). I cannot confirm the also mentioned influences of Satanic Speed Metal such as MIDNIGHT and BEWITCHER as I am not familiar with both mentioned bands, but I sense a strong Punk meets Metal vibe, very raw and early IRON MAIDEN’esque (DiÁnno fans?).

The bands speaks of themselves as a Heavy Metal Drag show (vocals come from Dolly Spottswood, hitting the stage in full Drag and rocking it like hell) and either you love, hate or choose to be a cool human being and just accept it, VÖLTAGE are dead serious about Heavy Metal and that is what counts for a head-banging part of our sweet subculture. This four song EP is a nice variety to the stuff I do most of the time, this is alive, a bit brutal and unpolished. VÖLTAGE is real fucking underground and exactly what I was searching for. Give it a listen and give them your hard earned money, I tell you this is just the beginning of a big thing. The demo was recorded and mastered by Darrell Szarka Workman.


01. Dragon Land
02. Dust Devils
03. Spellbound
04. Speed Demon


Dolly Spotswood - Vocals
Alvaro Garcia - Guitars
Danny Lerch - Guitars
Darrell Workman - Bass Guitar
Cody Sherman - Drums

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Cover Picture

voeltage spellboundcountry


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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