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vokonis graspingtime
Artist: Vokonis
Title: Grasping Time
Genre: Stoner / Doom Metal
Release Date: 6th September 2019
Label: The Sign Records

Album Review

VOKONIS were formed in 2015 in Borås, Sweden and they play heavy progressive Stoner and Doom Metal, it’s a pretty transition overall. With their new and third album, ‘Grasping Time’, VOKONIS debut dual vocals, greater dynamic shifts and heavier, more complex songs which are drenched in blasting distortion, melody and menace. With influences ranging from BARONESS and PINK FLOYD to ELDER, VOKONIS utilizes every colour in their palette to create something wholly unique. The music for ‘Grasping Time’ was written over a period of one year and features the last contribution by Emil on drums before he left the band.

The album was recorded and mixed at Studio Underjord with Joona Hassinen and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios. The album art was once again drawn by Kyrre Bjurling. VOKONIS are clearly determined to conquer and force to reckon with. I was convinced by their sheer power and mastery of the melodic kick-in-the-face after only a minute in the powerful experience that is ‘Grasping Time’. You can ask anyone, when it comes to vocals I’m not easy to impress but VOKONIS does it pretty fast and pretty convincing. I may have to add an influence to the ones mentioned above: CONAN, if CONAN would be heavily melodic and had the ability to push my buttons.

The vocals range from rough shouting to clear and epic vocals like that of WITCHCRAFT, BELOW or even MAGIC CIRCLE (bands that I really love right now). That range in the vocals and the power in melody and rhythm (thanks to singing guitarist Simon Ohlsson and singing Bass Beast Jonte Johansson and of course the master of the sticks Emil Larsson). I fell immediately in love with song number two, ‘Sunless Hymnal’, what an emotional and melodic monster of a song! At times the music is very dodgy and rhythmically challenging but hey this ain’t easy listening my fellow readers, this is heavy as a heart attack.

Check these dudes out and support the living hell out of them because I sure as fuck will.


01. Antler Queen
02. Sunless Hymnal
03. I Hear The Siren
04. Exiled
05. Ashes
06. Embers
07. Grasping Time
08. Fading Lights


Simon Ohlsson – Guitar/Vocals
Emil Larsson – Drums
Jonte Johansson – Bass/ Vocals


Cover Picture

vokonis graspingtime


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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