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wherewesleep experimentsinthedark
Artist: Where We Sleep
Title: Experiments In The Dark
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 31st May 2019
Label: Self-released

Album Review

In 2016 Beth Rettig played her final gig with the band THE BLINDNESS; this was due to a redirect in personal circumstances. Not long after whilst on this new path WHERE WE SLEEP appeared from the mists hanging over the roadway. As Beth says: “WHERE WE SLEEP is the result of discovering that you don’t know how not to make music.” As a result of this discovery June 2018 saw the release of debut single ‘Veins’ followed two months later by the single ‘The First One’. Both singles setting a tone for what was to come...

…and what was to come, in the 5th month of 2019 was the EP ‘Experiments In The Dark’, a very smoky and dreamy affair in the vein of PJ HARVEY (What I Deserve), JARBOE / PORTISHEAD (Experiments In The Dark) and CURVE / SPC ECO (Control / The Desert). The sound is bleak and hypnotic, the overall feel is not new but a sound that resonates with my musical sensibilities. Beth Rettig delivers the vocals with a matter of fact deadness where the emotion has been reduced to a flow of consciousness about what is or what was or how things will be. I particularly like the opening track, ‘What I Deserve’, where the vocals compliment JESUS & MARY CHAIN’s muddy fuzziness. And as I listen to ‘The Desert’ for the umpteenth time more layers are peeled back.

The lazy mood of the bass interspersed with a vocal that weaves in and out of sounding very Debbie Harry and Toni Halliday at the same time, I’m reminded of ‘Rapture’ by BLONDIE for some reason. The EP concludes with title track ‘Experiments In The Dark’. Back in 1987 Michael Gyra and Jarboe worked on a project initially called SKIN but later changing to the longer moniker THE WORLD OF SKIN. They brought out an album called ‘Blood, Women and Roses’. This last track reminds me of that album. My mind’s eye is bombarded with misty images flickering in front of me in a monotone collage whilst stick bodies stand in enigmatic repose between tall trees. I feel myself falling out of consciousness into the depths below... Wake up! Not now! This is not the time for soporific descent!

All of this is nicely put together with the help of Ben Prichard (THE FALL) and Debbie Smith (CURVE / ECHOBELLY / SPC ECO) to make a satisfyingly good listen that set me up in anticipation for future releases. I highly recommend this EP.


01. What I Deserve
02. The Desert
03. Control
04. Into The Light
05. Experiments In The Dark


Beth Rettig – Vocals
Axel Rey – Lead Guitar
Ben Pritchard – Lead guitar (Control)
Debbie Smith – Guitars (Into The Light)


Cover Picture

wherewesleep experimentsinthedark


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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