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warriorpath st
Artist: Warrior Path
Title: Warrior Path
Genre: Epic Metal / Power Metal / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 1st March 2019
Label: Symmetric Records Athens Greece

Album Review

This album is the product of Greek songwriter/ guitarist Andeas Sinanoglou’s mind. He had the idea for his songs since he was 18 years old. He visited Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND / OUTLAND etc.) at his studio and told him that he knows how the songs should sound and that he knows that Bob could make it true. So he played all the songs on an acoustic guitar and started singing. After three hours they had the first demo finished. After the final recording of guitar, bass, keyboards they found the perfect singer in Yannis Papadopoulus (BEAST IN BLACK). This album was recorded in Bob´s personal studio in Thessaloniki, mixed by Bob and mastered by Nasons Nomikos at VU productions in Piraeus Greece.

This is the first album from WARRIOR PATH and this is impressive. Andreas has written songs about war, pirates and warriors. Some lyrics are reflecting some personal struggles as well. The opener, ‘Riders of the dragons’, is a great start through the path of the warrior. Good rhythm and chorus. It makes me wanna play some air guitar. The album sounds good balanced. Some mid-tempo songs, some slow acoustic sets and some speed (‘Fight For Your Life’) are well mixed. So this album is never boring. And yes, you can hear a lot of different influences: HAMMERFALL, IRON MAIDEN the old MANOWAR… But it doesn’t sound like a copy. Every song has its own soul and feeling. The voice of Yannis matched perfect. To me it is a perfect debut. Great songs and great story. The path starts with power. The last two songs are the perfect close up. Two acoustic sets which makes you come down after a journey of the path of the warrior. So if you love true Power Metal, buy this record!


01. Riders Of The Dragons
02. The Hunter
03. A Sinnersworld
04. Stormbringers
05. Black Night
06. The Path Of The Warrior
07. Fight For Your Life
08. Mighty Pirates
09. Dying Bird Of Prey
10. Vahlhalla I´m Coming


Andreas Sinanoglou – Acoustic & electric guitar

Guest musicians:
Bob Katsionis – Alectric guitars, bass, keyboards
Dave Rundle – Drums
Hristos-Valentinos Petevis – Violin

Special guest:
Yannis Papadopoulos – Vocals


Cover Picture

warriorpath st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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