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variousartists stumm433
Artist: Various Artists
Title: STUMM433
Genre: Independent / Alternative
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Label: Mute Records

Album Review

No-one pities traffic Wardens, or feels a warm glow for those surly immigration people that greet us on entering our chosen destination, or wants to hug a tax inspector. No-one. Equally, sympathy is not normally something doled out to reviewers - it’s just your opinion right? Can’t be difficult right? Well, dear reader, allow me a moment of self-indulgence, and be slow to judge if you would. For here is the task before me - those wonderful people at Mute Records thought it would be a great idea to get all the bands on their roster to record a song. But not just any song. One particular song. And it’s not a song, it’s literally just silence. JOHN CAGE’S masterpiece of controversy ‘4’33’. Fifty eight times. So that’s fifty eight interpretations of silence to wade through and review. But fear not! If the task seems daunting, the very limited edition box-set contains all-sorts of visual delights to take your mind off the task, and there’s even a scented candle set included - presumably to mask the heavy stench of bullshit. So! Let’s get started…

Here we have everything, from MICHAEL GIRA counting out the 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence (so clever!), DEPECHE MODE having an even easier time than usual with background-noise simplicity, ERASURE really going for it with a particularly moving rendition of total bloody silence, and MOBY at least having the decency to add a few spooky noises and a bit of a heartbeat to his offering. What else do we have… there’s that fabulous moment half way through the BEN FROST version when something slightly less boring than everything that went before it happens (a classic!) or a really beautiful bit of electric buzzing by A CERTAIN RATIO. I think I’ll stop there.

Of course “I’m missing the point” aren’t I? Well no, actually. Who in their right mind would sit and listen to such utterly pretentious drivel other than some foam in the mouth art-graduate trying to impress his mum. I should probably write more, but instead I’m going to sit here for four minutes and 33 seconds in calm silence, call it art and then go and find the life I had before I had to waste so much of it giving space to this total tosh. Sympathy anyone? Just a little bit surely…


01. The Normal
02. Fad Gadget
03. Silicon Teens
04. Boyd Rice
05. Depeche Mode
06. Duet Emmo
07. Einstürzende Neubauten
08. Bruce Gilbert
09. Mark Stewert
10. Erasure
11. He Said
12. A C Marias
13. Wire
14. Laibach
15. Nitzer Ebb
16. Michael Gira
17. Simon Fisher Turner And Edmund De Waal
18. Renegade Soundwave
19. Barry Adamson
20. Miranda Sex Garden
21. Alexander Balanescu
22. Phew
23. Moby
24. Afghan Wigs
25. Mick Harvey
26. Komputer
27. Echoboy
28. Irmin Schmidt
29. Goldfrapp
30. Cabaret Voltaire
31. Liars
32. Mountaineers
33. Pole
34. Looper
35. The Warlocks
36. Pink Grease
37. Modey Lemon
38. Richard Hawley
39. Maps
40. Polly Scattergood
41. Yann Tierson And Gareth Jones
42. Josh T Pearson
43. Carter Tutti Void
44. Cold Specks
45. Land Observations
46. Ben Frost
47. New Order
48. onDeadWaves
49. Lost Under Heaven
50. ADULT.
51. Lee Ranaldo
52. Chris Carter
53. Nonpareils
54. Daniel Blumberg
55. Shadow Party
56. Chris Liebing
57. A Certain Ratio


Various Artists


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variousartists stumm433


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Total: 1 / 10

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