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variousartists metalmessageVII respectthesteel
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Metal Message VII - Respect the Steel
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 14th October 2019
Label: Metal Message

Album Review

Formed in 2001 by Markus Eck, Metal Message is a dedicated PR Agency that works reliable with countless partners of the world’s music media business. Metal Message helps bands without a record deal and does so for quite some time, to push this agenda they bring out nasty compilations filled with all kinds of heavy sounds. From Pagan to Black Metal there is something for everyone here. Bands like DAWNHEAD (Death/ Thrash), ATRIUM NOCTIS (Black Metal), ASH OF ASHES (Folk/ Pagan) or INVICTUS (Power) are among the usual suspects are to be found in this Heavy Metal bouquet. My favourite is REVEREND HOUND with ‘War of the Wolves’ because of its raw energy and the overall old-school Heavy Metal sound, the only output that I dig personally because I’m not into the other presented genres. It’s quite tough for me to review the other bands because I simply don’t listen to the more extreme parts of my beloved subgenre but I’m pretty sure there are little treasures to be found here for the underground gourmets out there.


01. Ash Of Ashes – Down The White Waters
02. Hell’s Guardian – Blood Must Have Blood
03. Invictus – Burst The Curse
04. Reverend Hound – War Of The Wolves
05. Dawn Head – Sinister Thoughts
06. Wolves Den - Nachtmahr
07. Aftermath - Diethanasia
08. Ontborg – Within The Depths Of Oblivion
09. Hollowed – Misanthropia
10. Atrium Noctis – Leviathan
11. Hangatyr – Blick Aus Eis
12. Forge – The Death Of A Warrior

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Cover Picture

variousartists metalmessageVII respectthesteel


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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