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violetraymoor divchinamorokandfavn
Artist: Violet Raymoor
Title: Divchina-Morok and Favn
Genre: Alternative / Electronic / Rock / Ethnic / Ethereal / Fairy-tale
Release Date: 30th September 2019
Label: Self-Released / 1058350 Records DK

Single Review

VIOLET RAYMOOR is Ukrainian music project created by Glib Pekurovsky (Gerrard Flynne) and Vitaliy Malafeevsky (Axis Moor). The band’s material is typically classified by the eclectic tagline: #dark_synth_rock, #new_wave, #synth_pop, #fairytale_rock, #gothic_rock. But its true origins should be sought in ancient legends, according to which VIOLET RAYMOOR is the name of a fictional city with purple sky due to a mysterious natural anomaly. The band is creating a mystical sound canvas, combining electronic music with a Rock base and ethnic elements as an artistic tool. In January 2016, the project released the debut EP, named ‘Chapter One: Still Playing Dragons’. In November 2018, the second chapter of the story, ‘Chapter Two: Faces Under Masks’ was released. Among the recent achievements of the project, it is worth highlighting the participation in the finale of the Ukrainian stage of the Emergenza Festival, which was held at the Atlas club in Kyiv, and the successful opening act for LORD OF THE LOST.

VIOLET RAYMOOR is a rather interesting phenomenon on the thematic segment of the dark scene, which was designated by OMNIA and others - Folk, Tribal, and Ethereal in a fantasy setting. Only VIOLET RAYMOOR has a clear binding to Synth Rock. As for the specific track - ‘Divchina-Morok and Favn’ (Gloomy girl and the Faun), there is a spectacular and successful combination of national identity, melancholy and exaggerated dark romance of Gothic Rock music of 90-00's and exciting story. A close look at the ‘Divchina-Morok and Favn’ may turn out to be quite a hit, and VIOLET RAYMOOR is now in excellent creative form, which, we hope, will be maintained.


01. Divchina-Morok and Favn


Glib Pekurovskyi aka Flynne - music, lyrics, keyboards, vocals, guitars
Vitaliy Malafeevskiy aka Axis Moor aka LunarMushroom - music, guitars, visual design
Konstiantyn Siryi aka CJ_Kot - live keyboards, fx, soundman
Viacheslav Kopylov – drums


Cover Picture

violetraymoor divchinamorokandfavn


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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