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unholyoutlaws kingdomoflostsouls
Artist: Unholy Outlaws
Title: Kingdom Of Lost Souls
Genre: Heavy Doom Metal
Release Date: 20th December 2019
Label: Black Hearts Records

Album Review

Every time I think I had it all I learn a few new things, for example: UNHOLY OUTLAW is the first Brazilian Doom band I heard of and they are melodic and heavy just like I dig it. In the world of Metal, Brazilian Metal is often best-known for Thrash bands like VOLCANO, HOLOCAUSTO and SEPULTURA. I never thought of me as superficial especially when it comes to Heavy Metal but I really never wasted a thought about a possible Doom scene in south America. OK, onward with the review! UNHOLY OUTLAWS are a bunch of talented dudes bound to create the most epic Doom the gods of steel ever risked an ear for.

The band was formed in 1999. Why they took seven years to release their first full-length is not known to me or the Metal archives but better late than never huh? ‘Kingdom Of Lost Souls’ is their second full-length out and I must say I am quite impressed by the musicality, skill and overall quality of the compositions. I get to listen to quite a few releases over a week alone and many of them fail to impress me, that much I can say without taking names. Markus’ voice is rich and made for a good epic tale, the guitars and the bass frame the songs which are steered forward by Moraes’ drums and Markus’ vocals refine and complete the structures.

I really like this kind of Doom, it is epic, dark, it feels kind of occult and a bit unpolished. Maybe we should do an interview to get to know more about these guys, we shall see what the future brings. If you dig bands like SORCERER, CANDLEMASS or BELOW you should check out UNHOLY OUTLAWS!


01. Intro
02. Open The Gates
03. Forgotten
04. Ancient Hill Of War
05. Mephisto
06. Mortal Desire
07. 13 Disciples


Thornegreen – Bass
Wilmes Moraes – Drums
Gustavo Guedes – Guitars
Markus Sword – Vocals
Fablo Shammash – Guitar


Cover Picture

unholyoutlaws kingdomoflostsouls


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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