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warpstorm discontinuity
Artist: Warpstorm
Title: Discontinuity
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 31st of December 2019
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

At the end of December WARPSTORM, the Russian Black Metal band, released its debut album ‘Discontinuity’. The EP consists of only five tracks, which are merged with a common idea. A small number of songs help to understand the message of music better and to feel the atmosphere of the album deeply. 

WARPSTORM uses no long foreplay - ‘Discontinuity’ comes down on you with the black wave of hard music. The first track, ‘Wings of Nightmare’, has a rhythmic background with a beautiful melody. It sounds heavy but despite the fact, it is pretty dark, the string moments make the composition brighter. ‘Posthumous’, the next one, is something like a hymn of fatality - the inviting despair in the melody is drowned the listener. A quite opposite mood has ‘Iced Inferno’. It seems the song really is made of ice because of the melodic arrangement and the siren voice, speaking of which, by the end this tender female voice shifts to the growling.

‘Discontinuity’ resembles the mosaic. Every song is a little hatch of the big picture. Each has a peculiar tune and energy but all together, they are one creepy beautiful thing. The ability to put sparkling keys and the ringing guitars among the hard tunes and do not make it poppy means that WARPSTORM is on the right way to the right sound. As for me, it is not clear with style: rather it is pure Black Metal, Symphonic Black or Doom Metal. Maybe the band needs to find the correct form of their “metal being” but anyway, the album is interesting - the start has been made, and WARPSTORM nailed it.


01. Wings of Nightmare
02. Posthumous
03. Iced Inferno
04. Seven Spirits
05. The Shadow


Nadezhda Kozotchkina – Vocals
Andrey Kozotchkin – Bass Guitar
Nikita Nikus Repin – Guitar
Anatoliy Kulyaskin – Guitar
Victoriya Kalinina – Keys
Maxim Gruzdev – Drumms


Cover Picture

warpstorm discontinuity


Music: 7
Sound: 6
Total: 6.5 / 10

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