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theunity pride
Artist: The Unity
Title: Pride
Genre: Heavy Rock
Release Date: 13th March 2020
Label: Steamhammer

Album Review

You learn as long as you live, a lesson I learned and yet some things still surprise me as much as this little gem from THE UNITY, Steamhammer provided my with this nice promo and I can say it is more AOR than Power Metal. But I let Gianbattista say a thing or two himself: “I’d describe our current material not merely as an evolvement, because every band evolves in one way or another. In fact, I’m pretty proud of what we’ve achieved so far, not only in musical terms but also on a personal level.”

What really surprised me is that these guys are from Germany and not from the USA. Sound-wise you feel remembered to phenomenal stuff from bands like GOTTHARD, DOKKEN and the likes. This is a follow-up to two successful full-length outputs making ‘Pride’ their third one. Every listener should realize that these guys are also big DIO fans (in ‘Damn Nation’ there are “fool fool” parts like in the DIO song ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’). Musically there is nothing to complain about (quite the contrary).

Gianbattista is a fiercely powerful vocalist with a rich and warm voice that every band would like to call their own (aside from black and death bands obviously), Stef E and Richter are an excellent soulfully interacting six-string commando, Ehre and Sweers are the impulse generators that works as the system heart and Onnen on keys smoothens the rough edges. Sometimes ‘Pride’ reminds me of a tough-guy version of BON JOVI and I fucking dig it. Melodic, catchy and excellently executed that is what THE UNITY’s music is. Nice piece of work guys, got to see that live!


01. The New Pandora
02. Hands Of Time
03. Line And Sinker
04. We Don´t Need Them Here
05. Destination Unknown
06. Angel Of Dawn
07. Damn Nation
08. Wave Of Fear
09. Guess How I Hate This
10. Scenery Of Hate
11. Rusty Cadillac
12. You Don´t Walk Alone

01. The Storm (live)
02. The Willow Tree (live)
03. You Got Me Wrong (live)
04. Never Forget (live)
05. Nowhereland


Gianbattista Manenti – Vocals
Michael Ehre – Drums
Henjo Richter – Guitars
Stef E – Guitar
Jogi Sweers – Bass
Sascha Onnen – Keyboards


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theunity pride


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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