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wolftooth valhalla
Artist: Wolftooth
Title: Valhalla
Genre: Heavy Metal / Doom Metal
Release Date: 22nd May 2020
Label: Ripple Music

Album Review

Sometimes I feel very lucky to do what I do, thx to bands like WOLFTOOTH make the nightly sessions of listening to music and forge reviews a delight. The band was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2017. The members of WOLFTOOTH are scene veterans that have been around in the biz for over 20 years and man, you can hear and feel it. Aside from the great sound (Epic Heavy Metal with Doom, heavy and epic stuff that makes you want to grow a beard and buy a sword) the lyrical themes are right up my alley (‘Valhalla’, ‘Firebreather’ right! Asgardians and frigging Dragons!).

Chris’ vocals remind of Classic Rock and Metal acts yet differs so much that it escapes a direct comparison, let me put it this way: if Ozzy Osbourne would be a way better musician he would sound almost like Chris Sullivan but Chris has yet other influences I struggle to put a finger on (the LED ZEPPELIN influence is audible in the overall style of the band but so is GRAND MAGUS and RAINBOW). You see it’s no piece of cake to proper categorize a band. The riffs on this record are a tale of its own... hooks galore, heavy as the twilight of the gods and as sweet as your first listening to RAINBOW’s ‘Stargazer’.

McDaniel is slapping the bass expertly, beefing the already heavy guitars up to an insane extent. Harrod on drums is a tight and precise percussionist upholding the beat reliably (audibly a skilled technician as well). The conclusion is: I will have to listen to the first full-length (this is the second) and buy a bit of merch soon. Check out WOLFTOOTH because I told you so!


01. The Lamentation of Frigg
02. The Possession
03. Firebreather
04. Valhalla
05. Fear of Eternity
06.Scylla & Charybdis
07.Molon Labe
08.Crying of the Wolves
09. The Coven
10. Juneau


Terry McDaniel – Bass
Jeff Cole – Guitars
Chris Sullivan – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Johnny Harrod – Vocals, Drums

Website /

Cover Picture

wolftooth valhalla


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10


0 #1 Randy 2020-04-24 10:34
Richmond Indiana

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