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wildfire bruteforceandignorance summerlightning
Artist: Wildfire
Title: Brute Force and Ignorance & Summer Lightning
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 8th May 2020
Label: Golden Core/ ZYX Music

Album Review

Most people that know me also know that I am a sucker for high energy Melodic Metal and of course anything NWoBHM related (big fan but not yet an expert). Golden Core/ ZYX Music provided me with a bunch of exactly that and today I had the time to indulge in the first record (a fine double CD). Today I present you NWoBHM band WILDFIRE, formed in 1982 by Paul Mario Day (IRON MAIDEN, MORE), Jeff Brown (STATETROOPER), Bruce Bisland (WEAPON) and Jeff Summer (WEAPON). WILDFIRE sadly only released two LPs over Mausoleum Records (which are included in the double release of Golden Core/ ZYX MUSIC). Paul Mario Day went over to FREE after that and Jeff Summer is once again active with WEAPON UK. It borders on a miracle that WILDFIRE did not make their breakthrough with these two records as the overall sound and compositions are absolute top-notch and Day’s voice was on par with his contemporary vocalists.

My first three faves are ‘Violator’, ‘Redline’ and ‘Wildfire’ of the first LP ‘Brute Force And Ignorance’. They are mid-tempo rockers which feature Day’s amazing vocals and the talent of his fellow band-members. Catchy, hook laden hymns that should be in every old-school rocker’s playlists. The second LP, ‘Summer Lightning’, features ear candy like: ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, a mid-tempo stadium rocker, ‘Blood Money’ has a JUDAS PRIEST vibe about it and ‘Passion For The Sun’ is a 80s power ballad but infused with the late 70s NWoBHM sound. It truly is beyond my comprehension and cerebral capacity to tell why this is not a well-known band like PRAYING MANTIS, SAXON or IRON MAIDEN it is not a lack of class that much I can tell. The 2-CD release ‘Brute Force and Ignorance & Summer Lightning’ is out now via Golden Core/ ZYX Music and you, dear reader, should buy it immediately!

Tracklist: Brute Force And Ignorance

01. Violator
02. Victim of Love
03. Another Daymare
04. Lovelight
05. Search and Destroy
06. Redline
07. Wildfire
08. Goldrush
09. If I Tried
10. Eyes of the Future

Tracklist: Summer Lightning

01. Prelude in F flat minor
02. The Key
03. Summer Lightning
04. Gun Runner
05. Give Me Back Your Heart
06. Nothing Lasts Forever
07. Natural Selection
08. Fight Fire with Fire
09. Blood Money
10. Passion for the Sun
11. Screaming in the Night
12. Jerusalem


Jeff Brown – Bass
Bruce Bisland – Drums
Martin Bushell – Guitars
Jeff Summers – Guitars
Paul Mario Day – Vocals

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Cover Picture

wildfire bruteforceandignorance summerlightning


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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