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witchfynde lordsofsin 35anniversary
Artist: Witchfynde
Title: Lords Of Sin - 35th Anniversary
Release Date: 31st January 2020
Label: Golden Core

Album Review

To call today’s review a blast from the past is an understatement: WITCHFYNDE from Mansfield, UK were formed in 1973 (seven years before I was born) and they were active over the whole short time span that today is defined as the NWOBHM (‘79-‘84). But let’s check the bands very own little press text first: “WITCHFYNDE was formed in 1973 when Gra Scoresby’s band met Montalo playing guitar in his own band formed with his school friends. The two teamed up and formed WITCHFYNDE, the name was suggested by Montalo because he was very interested in occultism and he wanted to use the band as a way to “fynde” like-minded people.”

The career of WITCHFYNDE was not a satisfactory one, they had the wrong label twice and had to cancel a few support tours in their time. To make everything abound they often got confused with WITCHFINDER GENERAL who also did not have the most party suitable of images. ‘Lords Of Sin’ should have been the big breakthrough as it was the first output with a really great production (which, viewed in a superficial way made them sound more commercial). Sadly, the first CD outing of the record came out a bit loveless and did not have a good sound to reflect the great production. Through the respectful and very nice remastering of Andreas “Neudi” Neudert the metal community which is full of sound connoisseurs can finally indulge in this classic.

The overall sound is 70s-80s Heavy Rock fuelled with a rawness and energy typical for a genre that borders between Rock and the genre that should be known as metal. Beltz’ vocals are whiskey drenched, raw, rich and full of heart while Montalo contrasts this with filigree solos when he is not straight forward riffing (it is a back and forth between fine solos and tough riffing). It is a nice relief to clearly hear the bass of Wolfe (sometimes, especially when listening to bands that have two guitarists it is a herculean task to make out the bass-line). Scoreby’s drums are clearly the pacemaker of the band’s narrative (essential is the word).

My favourites are: ‘Heartbeat’, a real catchy 80s ballad in the vein of bands like KING KOBRA or FOREIGNER, ‘Scarlet Lady’, a real straight rocker with a ‘British Steel’ kinda feeling, ‘Wall Of Death’ which lets me fantasize about Lemmy’s drive but with good vocals and ‘Red Garters’ which is an instrumental with really fine work in the six string department. All in all, I can only say if you dig the NWOBHM era and the sounds that were present at the time you should check this out immediately.


01. The Lord Of Sin
02. Stab In The Back
03. Heartbeat
04. Scarlet Lady
05. Blue Devils (hymn)
06. Hall Of Mirrors
07. Wall Of Death
08. Conspiracy
09. Red Garters (Instrumental)
10. Cloak And Dagger (Live)
11. I´d Rather Go Wild (Live)
12. Moon Magic (Live)
13. Give Em Hell (Live)


Luther Beltz - Vocals
Montalo - Guitars
Edd Wolfe - Bass
Gra Scoresby - Drums


Cover Picture

witchfynde lordsofsin 35anniversary


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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