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warrior boudica
Artist: Warrior
Title: Boudica
Release Date: 27th March 2020
Label: Golden Core

Album Review

Tonight we will once again take a trip down NWOBHM memory lane, this time with Newcastle, England’s WARRIOR. Formed in 1979 the band mostly released EPs and the single ‘Dead when it comes to Love’ in 1982. After the 1984 release ‘Breakout’ the band called it quits for the time being only to be resurrected in 2014 where they played Brofest. Dave Dawson is the constant when it comes to the line-up. ‘Boudica’ is the band’s second full-length record to date. The record was recorded at First Avenue Studios in Newcastle, Dave Curl did the production, all in all the whole recording and mixing/ producing took the band 14 month. The sound of ‘Boudica’ is very energetic and here and there it has a large-scale feeling about it. Dave Lunn’s vocals are snappy and have a self-evident and almost cocky drive mirroring and interplaying with drums and guitar, the guitars are often a simple means to an end (only exception: solos) and the drums guide the listener as well as the rest of the band in the general direction of the song. Check this release out and tell me what you think.


01. Call to war (Intro)
02. Boudica Warrior Queen
03. Devils Advocate (Evil one)
04. Fire Mountain
05. Mordrake
06. Persecution (of witches)
07. Dreamcatcher
08. 4 Minute Warning
09. Reality Or Fantasy
10. March Or Die
11. Death Of A Blackstar

Bonus tracks (Live at Brofest):
12. Kansas City
13. Suicide
14. Stab in the back
15. Dead when it comes to love


Dave Dawson – Guitars
Dave Lunn – Vocals
Sam Clarke – Guitars
Sean Taylor – Drums
Tony Johnson – Bass, Vocals


Cover Picture

warrior boudica


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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