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valleyofthesun oldgods
Artist: Valley of the Sun
Title: Old Gods
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 24th May 2019
Label: Fuzzorama Records

Album Review

Thank god there are genius things like Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook even though I am the frontrunner of demonizing modern stuff I would be a less happy man without social-media. I constantly find awesome music there that is the reason why I like my social-media bubble, hell I built this thing! I found this band last year on Bandcamp or better put, I stumbled upon them. I wanted to review them last year but a lot of things happened in the meantime and so this was almost forgotten (good thing I follow every artist I deem worthy of my time) so it came to be that once again I had the chance to ask VALLEY OF THE SUN for a sonic audience and I got lucky. These three guys from Cincinnati, Ohio play a tasty bastard of top-notch Stoner Rock and Grunge (at least I claim that Grunge part). VALLEY OF THE GODS was formed in 2010, they released five LPs and one EP as of yet.

Musically I have to say that I never heard a better or more classic vocalist in the Stoner genre, Ryan Ferrier has it all: range, variety and the special something that is so hard to describe (even when he sings really calm you just know there is some kind of crazy, border-line crazy rockarolla inside that guy just waiting to scream, kick and rock the fuck out) he also has a quite powerful voice, he seldom shows his full range and power but baby there is a lot to discover. Mc Allister and Ferrier on bass and guitar duty are a great team with superb support from batterista excellente Aaron Boyer. This sometimes feels like KYUSS in one moment and like THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS in the next. Lyrical-wise there are four songs that seem to be a concept: ‘Old Gods’, ‘Gaia Creates’, ‘Shiva Destroys’ and ‘Buddha Transcends’ as it all refers to gods and what they represent and ‘Old Gods’ kinda serving as a headline (maybe I am wrong but that doesn’t matter as this is fucking dope).

VALLEY OF THE SUN stated that their sound evolved while writing and recording this, saying they did stuff they never did before and I can only imagine what comes next. Come people check this out I highly recommend this fuzzy, highly melodic Stoner Rock masterpiece!


01. Old Gods
02. All We Are
03. Gaia Creates
04. Dim Vision
05. Shiva Destroys
06. Firewalker
07. Into The Abyss
08. Faith Is For Suckers
09. Buddha Transcends
10. Means The Same
11. Dreams Of Sands


Ryan McAllister - Bass
Ryan Ferrier - Guitar / Vocals
Aaron Boyer - Drums


Cover Picture

valleyofthesun oldgods


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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