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unquietdead burnmyheaddown
Artist: Unquiet Dead and Drago Nesa
Title: Burn my Head Down
Genre: Electronic Rock
Release Date: 3rd August 2020
Label: Records DK

Single and Video Review

I recently reviewed UNQUIET DEAD’s rather wonderful album, ‘Anima Ignis’ after seeing them perform live at Static Darkness Festival at Slimelight, London. Their live performance, and then the subsequent listening of the album seriously blew me away and I have been a big fan since.

I learnt during lockdown the band had something really special happening, and I was pleased when the guys shared with me what they had been up to. Quite often we concentrate on reviews of new music in the form of singles and albums. That would have been an injustice in this case as this can only be described as a complete visual and aural sensory trip. It is a collaboration of artists, UNQUIET DEAD and DRAGO NESA, amalgamating in something very special indeed, a bands single released entirely due to the video - the artists now seamlessly working together, hand in hand. Hey, it’s a great choice of single, but there is so much more to this release than the music.

The duo of Lora and Jason of Unquiet Dead are formidable performers and if there is any justice in the world, they will be performing big stages across the world in the coming years. Jason is a rather talented guitarist, with a sound of his own, and a look of his own too. He also performs as a drag queen, Ginger Snaps, and it was this that led to the collaboration with DRAGO NESA, a fire breathing aerialist from Richmond, California. They were both on the line-up for a lockdown online special, Coronation, hosted by Davey Swinton - a place to showcase any type of Drag King, Queen, fire breather - you name it, all under one roof. Drago performed an incredible aerial chain suspension number to a track from Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd which impressed Jason greatly and they both spoke soon after. It was Drago’s suggestion to create a music video for UNQUIET DEAD involving fire and chains - Drago was allowed to choose any track to make into a single - it just so happened to be the rather glorious gothic ‘Burn My Head Down’.

Drago is the co-owner of Skyhigh Odditorium which is an Aerial Acrobatics School. The intense video performance of fire breathing and aerial chain acrobatics were all filmed in their professional studio with lighting and camera work by Alex el Veterano. All of the moves represent emotions from parts of the track, an artist’s interpretation of this solid single. As for Lora and Jason they both filmed in isolation in their own homes due to the Covid-19 lockdown! This is real grass roots stuff (not that it shows in the end results) - living room, bedroom or wherever they felt comfortable! Everything was sent to Laimis Bilys who created the other UNQUIET DEAD videos for ‘Ash’ and ‘Pain Meds’ (check them out also, great videos).

The end result of these snippets and Drago’s studio performance? They work seamlessly, the end result blends and flows with great artistic vision and some great humour from Jason too. This video was quickly picked up by Dragula’s fan favourite drag artist Disasterina and shown on their show Cybernetic Circus with a very positive response. I’m genuinely not surprised, the track ‘Burn my head down’ is a full-on floor filler, with Lora’s wonderful powerful vocals, an energy packed trip into the world of UNQUIET DEAD. Combine this with a clever visual in the form of a great performance from Drago and it really is a rollercoaster (maybe runaway Ghost train?) of a ride. But, don’t take my word for it, we’ve included a link to the video, check it out - probably the best three or four minutes you’ll spend in 2020!


Lora Maze - Vocals, Sythns, Programming
Jason Kahl - Guitar, Bass, Programming


Cover Picture

unquietdead burnmyheaddown


Music: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Video Performance: 9.5
Total: 9.5 / 10
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