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wytchhazel IIIpentecost
Artist: Wytch Hazel
Title: III: Pentecost
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 5th November 2020
Label: Bad Omen Records

Album Review

The first point of contact with WYTCH HAZEL was when my brother and me spent one evening in the rabbit hole named YouTube. We expanded our bubble and checked multiple track-lists until we found obscure, folk inspired stuff with great guitars and awesome vocals, we hit the jackpot and discovered WYTCH HAZEL. At long last these past few years unearthed some worthy successors to the mighty NWOBHM, heirs to the throne so to say. To  refer to WYTCH HAZEL as a Hard rock or Heavy Metal band does not live up to the truth, there are influences of the NWOBHM, there is folk, but there are also some modern elements too.

Hendra’s voice is something very special, he is obviously capable of bone shattering screams but he uses this skill only once in a blue moon. He is very skilled when it comes to technique and his tone is strangely unique, yet familiar. The riffs provided by Haslam and Hendra, when not sounding like the folk-like songs of THIN LIZZY, remind me very much of ANGEL WITCH and TANITH (which means I fucking love this). All is made possible by the drum and bass work by Spencer and Shackleton who lay the rhythmic groundwork for this magical , brilliant narrative.

My favourites are: ‘Dry Bones’, a real Heavy Metal banger, with screams a brilliant melody and lots of priceless riffs, ‘Reap the Harvest’, the only kinda creepy song that leans a little in a Doom direction only to surprise with a quite poppy moment right before it ends (fantastic!) and last but not least ‘The Crown’, a very folk inspired song with 70s melodies that at the end get pulverized by NWOBHM-esque riffs (EPIC!). It’s time to support this fine band like hell.

I discovered SEVEN SISTERS, DARK FOREST and this genius gentlemen here this year, so 2020 was not a complete shit show. If any of the mentioned bands are your cup of tea you should accept WYTCH HAZEL as your new favourite band, if not you are missing out because this is one of the best outputs of this year.


01. He is the Fight
02. Spirit and Fire
03. I am Redeemed
04. Archangel
05. Dry Bones
06. Sonata
07. I Will Not
08. Reap the Harvest
09. The Crown
10. Ancient of Days


Jack Spencer - Drums
Alex Haslam - Guitars
Colin Hendra - Guitars, Vocals
Andy Shackleton - Bass

Website /

Cover Picture

wytchhazel IIIpentecost


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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