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voidvator greatfearrising
Artist: Void Vator
Title: Great Fear Rising
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23rd April 2021
Label: Ripple Music

Album Review

VOID VATOR from Los Angeles, California are no strangers to me, in 2019 I reviewed their EP ‘Stranded’ and now 17 month later I am ready and willing to review their debut full-length output ‘Great Fear Rising’. The last time around I did compare their sound, at least moment-wise, to a bad-ass mixture of the FOO FIGHTERS and METALLICA. While there is a lot of moments that have a Thrash Metal feel to it (‘Great Fear Rising’ reminds me of HEATHEN to be honest). Thrash is not the only inspiration that can be heard on this ambitious debut (‘McGyver’s Mullet’ feels like a MOTÖRHEAD homage sound-wise). The press text from Ripple Music mentions that VOID VATOR drew inspiration from POWER TRIP, TURBONEGRO, THE RAMONES, THIN LIZZY, VAN HALEN and MEGADETH and in parts I can confirm this.

Riff-wise there is a little MEGADETH to be felt in songs like ‘I Can’t Take It’ or ‘There’s Something Wrong With Us’ even if the riffs lack the rabid ferocity of guitar god Mustaine (99% of all guitarists do lack the technicality, savageness and speed of Mustaine so this is no flaw). As I listen to this, I get the feeling these guys will be one of those bands that will grow their fan-base record by record to an extent that we will see them in stadiums in the next 5-6 years (mark my words). If you like a certain roughness but don’t want to rock out without excellent melodies and great vocals you should check out VOID VATOR, this is the complete package!


01. I Can’t Take It
02. I Want More
03. There’s Something Wrong With Us
04. Losing Control
05. Great Fear Rising
06. McGyver’s Mullet
07. Encounter
08. Poltergeist
09. Infierno


Sam Harman – Bass
German Moura – Drums
Erik Kluiber – Guitars
Lucas Kanopa – Vocals

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Cover Picture

voidvator greatfearrising


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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