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wednesday13 necrophazeantidote
Artist: Wednesday 13
Title: Necrophaze - Antidote
Genre: Horror Punk / Metal
Release Date: 16th April 2021
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

I still feel blessed that I was able to see WEDNESDAY 13 live on-stage performing songs of their by then latest release ‘Necrophaze’ in New York City, in January 2020. I loved the show and the setlist with nine songs felt way too short and I hoped for a European tour any time soon. But things turned out differently and soon after my return the whole live music world came to a full stop. WEDNESDAY 13 used the months of the lockdown to record an EP and when I read the tracklist, I was reminded of the good old Horrorpunk days. Most of you might know that the self-proclaimed ‘Duke of Spookiness’ was a member of the legendary MURDERDOLLS, but he also founded Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 and released four4 albums and two compilations.

Some of their songs were on the regular setlist of the MURDERDOLLS as well, though the sound was bit different. So why do I start with such a long introduction? Because WEDNESDAY 13 once more was digging the archives of the songs he wrote and re-recorded them with his current band. Over the years Wednesday 13 changed their sound a bit, away from pure Horrorpunk towards a more Metal orientated touch and that’s what they did with ‘Your Mother Still Sucks Cock In Hell’ (released on ‘6 Years, 6 Feet Under The Influence’ in 2004) and ‘Screwdriver 2 - The Return’ (‘Screwdriver’ was released on ‘Night Of The Living Drag Queens’ in 1998). ‘Screwdriver 2 - The Return’ turned out a bit longer than the original song and if you loved the old stuff, you’ll still be happy with this version. If you ever attended a Wednesday 13 live show, you know that ‘I Love to Say F***’ is an all-time fan-favourite, though only very few know, that it was originally released by Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 and these old songs definitely deserve to be performed live on stage. So, to make it short, the first two songs will find fans among the old fans and those who started following the band more recently. 

The sound is clearer and more balanced thanks to modern recording technologies and the song feels a bit more dynamic and a bit less aggressive. WEDNESDAY 13 are not afraid to play covers and over the years you could enjoy live performances of songs by KISS, Motörhead, Tom Petty, Ramones , Alice Cooper and many more and once in a while they put a cover on an album like W.A.S.P’s ‘Fuck Like A Beast’ on ‘Necrophaze’ and so it’s no surprise to find. ‘Devil Inside’ a cover of INXS on this EP. To cover a song of legendary INXS is always a risk but this cover turned out well, if you don’t know INXS you might think that this is a true WEDNESDAY 13 song, but does not out stand out as much as the original version that breathes this fantastic soft and dark 80’s vibe. For ‘Films’ the band teamed up with Calico Cooper (BEASTO BALNCO) and this GARY NUMAN cover became a fantastic Metal song that is a lot darker than the original version but does not deny its DNA.

This EP is a nice gap-filler until the next album will be released and the band can be seen live on stage again. It breathes Punk, Metal and Horror and the songs will take long-time fans back to the old days and show younger fans some of the roots of WEDNESDAY 13, still they could have put at least one really new song on the EP for those longing for fresh material.


01. Your Mother Still Sucks Cock In Hell
02. Screwdriver 2 - The Return
03. Devil Inside
04. Films


Wednesday 13 – Vocals
Roman Surman – Guitar
Jack Tankersley – Guitar
Troy Doebbler – Bass
Kyle Castronovo – Drums

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Cover Picture

wednesday13 necrophazeantidote


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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