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whispersintheshadow yesterdayisforever
Artist: Whispers in the Shadow
Title: Yesterday is forever
Genre: Goth / Wave
Release Date: 6th November 2020
Label: Solar Lodge

Album Review

Austria based WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW is back with a new album and I was quite curious, which twists or turns they developed sound wise this time. While the last album was rather rough and a bit edgy its predecessors had reminded me a lot of legendary THE CURE.

The album kicks off the dramatic prone intro of ‘Forever 1985’ a song ranging somewhere Rock with some cool Pop elements, that will get radioplay for sure. WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW managed surprise me with such a change music wise in the opening part of a new release and I was curious, what would follow now. Music from the dark side follows with suit. ‘Adrift’ has a very dark aura, with some Pop and Wave elements. I found THE CURE in this song that might have jumped of an old 80’s demo tape somebody found in the attic. ‘Walk on the Mirror’ takes it slow; a very melancholic atmosphere occurs and the Goth audience will love the romantic aspects of this song that are perfectly underlined by the string arrangements that is not too kitschy. Still, I was waiting for some guitarwork, that had been emphasised on their previous album.

I found the guitars in ‘Passion Project’ a song that deals with things that happened in the past, and ‘Toxic Express’ that comes up with things that are going on right now. Ashley’s vocals on these tracks are a real highlight of the album and express all the emotions the lyrics imply. Both tracks have a slight Folk touch and a fantastic very dark vibe. But the journey through various aspects of dark music has not come to an end, yet. To make the journey complete, ‘The Horror’ deals with what the future might bring. The song starts with an opulent arrangement, so you might think this is gonna be an atmospheric track, but as soon as the drums come up with an aggressive beat and Ashley’s nearly angry and aggressive sounding vocals, you might find yourself listening to a kind of Punk attitude song, definitely one of the moist experimental songs on this album and a good one.

‘The Futurist’ comes more as a harmony focussed song, with an orchestral part that could have suited a Melodic Metal band, but the soft vocals bring a kind of Pop vibe. ‘Toxic Express’ has these strong oriental elements in the beginning, reminding you obviously of the Orient Express, but then the parts on acoustic guitar, give the song a different turn. One of the most impressing songs on the album is ‘A War That Never Was’. If you pay attention to the lyrics and then listen to the song paying attention on how the music and the voice underline the story told in the lyrics, you’ll find a real masterpiece. WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW see you off with ‘The I in the Void’ a very dark, melancholic, and melodic track, a great reminiscence of Goth.

Once more I marvel at the talent of the band members, who surprised me with new intriguing music, while never losing their identity over the years. The album sounds different from their previous releases, comes with some experimental songs and varying styles of music, but Ashley’s unique and very versatile voice always reminds you, that you are listening to WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW.


01. Forever 1985
02. Adrift
03. Walk on the Mirror
04. Passion Project
05. The Horror
06. The Futurist
07. Toxic Express
08. A War That Never Was
09. Straight & Narrow
10. The I in the Void


Ashley Dayour - Vocals, Guitar
Zebo Adam - Bass, Guitar
Lazy Schulz - Bass, Guitar
Martin Gutmann - Keyboard, Piano
Alexander Kühmayer - Drums, Percussion

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whispersintheshadow yesterdayisforever


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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