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venator echoesfromthegutter
Artist: Venator
Title: Echoes From The Gutter
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 25th February 2022
Label: Dying Victims Records

Album Review

Welcome back VENATOR! In 2020, or shitshow part one as I call it, it was my job to review the first EP of these five old-school headbangers from Linz, Austria and I fell in love with their sound and attitude. Guess what they are back with their debut full-length and this shit rips! The vocals of Johannes Huemer were compared to those of a young Rob Halford and the band itself was checked against HEAVY LOAD but my take on this or the way I listen to VENATOR tells another story. For me this band has quite a lot of influences of 80s AOR bands when it comes to them being highly melodic and catchy as hell.

Don’t get me wrong this is proper bad-ass metal but it is just so fucking catchy and melodic that it reminds me of faster versions of some hits of yesteryear. This has moments when the sound reminds me of a Speed Metal fuelled variation of W.A.S.P and I fucking love it to pieces! The verve, power and authentic feel to the vocals and overall compositions just makes me want to raise my fists while banging my head. Songs like ‘Howl At The Rain’, ‘Red And Black’ or ‘Nightrider’ are the epitome of hit singles in my opinion. This is a riff filled fucking masterpiece with awesome vocals and a bass / drums duo that has a very good and essential timing. As soon as VENATOR hits the road to tour I will be on to give my 666 percent of support.


01. Howl At The Rain
02. Seventh Seal
03. Red And Black
04. Nightrider
05. Manic Man
06. Made Of Light
07. The Rising
08. The Hexx
09. Streets Of Gold


Stefan Glasner – Bass
Jakob Steidl – Drums
Leon Ehrengruber – Guitars
Anton Holzner – Guitars
Johannes Huemer – Vocals

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venator echoesfromthegutter


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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