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vero 2212
Artist: Vero
Title: 22:12
Genre: Alt Rock / Alternative / Shoegaze / Alt Pop
Release Date: 14th March 2022

Single Review

VERO come from Sweden, that is true! Stockholm to be precise. They are also a trio of females, that is also true. Their music sounds like HOLE, that’s true as well. But this is not a dirty HOLE or a sleazy sweaty HOLE, this is a cleaner and more sanitised HOLE that mixes in a sound reminiscent of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, SMASHING PUMPKINS and early COCTEAU TWINS! ‘22:12’ is a mix of the two aforementioned bands whilst the track ‘Cupid’ has more HOLE in it than the latter but this time mixed with sounds that remind me of another 90s band called LOOP. Who remembers LOOP? The mix of this is well spaced and airy, it’s not as abrasive as HOLE but still exudes an edge, albeit one that’s not addled with heroin and booze! The fabric of the track is well and truly laundered too.

The 3rd track on this CD is called ‘BEG’ and that ups the ante! This is more abrasive, but still clean. HOLE can be likened to a 1970s jet engine, loud, oily and smoke belching. VERO are a 21st century jet engine, all the oil has gone so has the smoke, and the sound is cleaner! I must say that I quite like it, it grows on you! My ears aren’t tired, which is nice! I could quite happily play this 10 minute 26 second affair on a loop to add a soundtrack to a bout baking or whatever else it is I am doing. Enough said!? Well nearly. VERO will be releasing a new album on May 3rd called ‘Unsoothing Interior’. Check back here nearer the time for the review!


01. 22:12
02. Cupid
03. BEG


Amanda Eddestal – Guitar
Clara Gyokeres – Guitar
Julia Boman – Vocals, Bass


Cover Picture

vero 2212


Sound: 8
Music: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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