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va ukthrashers moshingtheroofonvol3
Artist: Various Artists
Title: UK Thrashers - Moshing The Roof On Vol 3
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 1st April 2022
Label: Various Labels

Album Review

The ‘Moshing The Roof On’ charity records are what happens when you collect ready and willing Thrash musicians to raise some hell and a good amount of money for the good cause of fighting the homeless crisis in the UK. So the folks of UK THRASHERS managed to summon 30 fine English Thrash Metal bands that contributed their music for this bad ass beast of a compilation. The sheer amount of face-melting, neck-breaking Thrash Metal is insane. Bands like CATALYSIS are so heavy and brutal that you have to ask yourself if they are still Thrash or already a full-fledged Death Metal outfit (be it as it is, they do rip). The next band I really dig is KING ABYSS with ‘The Abduction Process’, this hit like a sledgehammer to the forehead, really groovy and all the way old-school thrash from the feel yet with brutal vocals that border on the more extreme of genres.

DEVIL’S HENCHMEN are right up my alley as they play a more melodic approach to Thrash Metal with cleaner but still rough vocals, check out their track ‘Built By Hate’. Next up is BLOOD OATH with ‘Infernum Diabolus’ which speaks for itself, it sound demonic, fuelled by hellfire with a dash of SLAYER. TEMPASHOT from London surprise with some kind of old-school Thrash with fast as fuck vocals that border on rap, check out their track ‘Horrorshot’. HELGRIND and their track ‘Last Dance’ is a juggernaut of a track, unstoppable brutal as it gets and energetic as these Duracell Bunnies from back in the day. HEAVY CLAW with ‘Visible Invisible’ sound like a noisy Thrash Metal nightmare: fast, barely decent in production but not without a bit of antisocial charm. The last one for tonight is IMPERIUM with ‘Decieved’; these guys sound like they still live in 1986 and really dig MOTÖRHEAD aside from the obvious Thrash heroes (nice, rough and melodic).

I will definitely listen to this on repeat over the next few month and check out some of these bands more thoroughly. Just so you guys know: this is just a quick overview of this compilation because there is just so fucking much music on this compilation that I would probably have to write a book to do the cause and the partaking musicians justice. So far I can say that I am really impressed by the mass and quality that have been brought together for this, I hope to review this as long as there is a need for these charities. Just in case I was not clear enough on this: buy this and support MOSHING THE ROOF ON!


01. Hellfekted - Death Of Iron
02. Blacklist - Blood Baptism
03. Thrasherwolf - Blood Moon
04. Beyond Salvation - Dead Behind The Eyes
05. Catalysis - The Wrath Of Lolth
06. Disinherit - Torment, Torture, Kill
07. King Abyss - The Abduction Process
08. Necropolis - Alter Of Desparity
09. Excursia - Solace
10. Devils Henchmen - Built By Hate
11. Blood Oath - Infernum Diabolus
12. Gutlocker - Absence Of Change
13. Thrashsquatch! - Skeleton Men
14. Acid For Blood - Death By A Thousand Shots
15. Tempashot - Horrorshot
16. Helgrind - Last Dance
17. Madicide - Carnivore Incarnate
18. RipTide - Inhuman Race
19. Chimp In A Box - Sixes
20. In Which It Burns - The Eyes Of My Enemy (Are Mine)
21. Day Of Wrath - It Fell From The Sky
22. Scarred By Truth - B.L.E.E.D.S.
23. More Death And Horror - Hellbound Heart (Lets Kill Frank)
24. Heavy Claw - Visible Invisible
25. Dead Before Mourning - Red Mist And Adrenaline
26. Sidewinder BC - Last Orders
27. Bloodmores - Fuel The Fire
28. Devastator - Merciless Onslaught
29. Imperium - Decieved
30. Elimination - Icon Of Despair


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va ukthrashers moshingtheroofonvol3


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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