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unifyseparate musicsincetomorrow
Artist: Unify Separate
Title: Music Since Tomorrow
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 7th October 2022
Label: Self-released

Album Review

Andrew Montgomery (ex-GENEVA) and Leo Josefsson (LOWE, STATEMACHINE) started working together in 2015. In April 2017 the Scottish-Swedish Electro-Synth duo released their first single and in 2019 their debut album ‘First Contact’. Since then, the world has moved on and has been turned completely upside down. The new album ‘Music Since Tomorrow’ takes up topics such as pandemic and lockdown, environmental diseases, an increasingly unsafe world and personal setbacks as well. The 11 songs convey a lot of contradictory emotions. The sound is catchier and more direct than on the first album and is partly reinforced by powerful e-guitar contributions. Synth sound inspired by movie soundtracks, paired with darker electronic influences and indie pop borrowings.

The opener ‘Closure’ makes a soft start into ‘Music Since Tomorrow’, like a sweet dream you dive into and then slowly wake up. ‘Dying On The Vine’ follows, boasting Andrew’s beautiful vocals and a sing-along chorus. ‘Solitude & I’ enchants with a wonderfully catchy melody and stirring vocal lines. The track picks up speed in the second part and leaves you with a bittersweet taste. With ‘Embrace The Fear’ follows a fantastically dreamy but danceable Pop song, with an attitude reminiscent of MUSE or EDITORS. You just want to close your eyes and let the music carry you away. ‘Visitors’ describes the “overview effect” when astronauts look back at Earth from space and realize how small, fragile and beautiful our planet is. The soundscape is a unique combination of cinematic, almost epic electronic music. I actually shed a few tears while listening - pure goosebumps.

‘The Void’ is driven by an exciting mix of haunting New Wave vocals, a driving bass and Moroder-like synths, completed by Richard Oakes’ (SUEDE) beautiful widescreen guitar. With ‘Radio Waves’, an elegy for a lost relationship or time (“because it’s over now / because there’s no way out”), UNIFY SEPARATE transform their usual Synth-Pop sound wall into a proper Indie-Pop banger in the style of EDITORS or THE KILLERS. It is followed by ‘The After’, another wonderful Pop song with a catchy melody. ‘Way To Love’ begins spherically dreamily, as if one were rising into the sky and really picks up speed at the end. The next-to-last track, ‘Waiting Game’, once again brings us searingly beautiful guitar playing from SUEDE guitarist Richard Oakes. All in all, a more than successful album that finds its perfect closure with ‘In Over My Head’.

‘Music Since Tomorrow’ perfectly blends Leo’s epic synth walls with Andrew’s distinctive three-octave vocals. Fantastic electronic Indie-Pop paired with intelligent and meaningful lyrics. What else do you want?


01. Closure
02. Dying On The Vine
03. Solitude & I
04. Embrace The Fear
05. Visitors
06. The Void
07. Radio Waves
08. The After
09. Way To Love
10. Waiting Game
11. In Over My Head


Andrew Montgomery – Vocals
Leo Josefsson – Machines

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Cover Picture

unifyseparate musicsincetomorrow


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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