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Artist: The Yets
Title: The Yets
Genre: Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Alt Rock / Americana / Blues
Release Date: 31st October 2022
Label: Snook / Robin Wilson Snook

Album Review

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina based THE YETS are a new band to come onto my radar and I must say that on first experience I have not been disappointed! The duo consists of Robin Wilson on vocals and Craig Anderson Snook on the instrumentation and production. Craig has been performing semi-professionally since he was 13 years old and Robin cut her teeth in the Goth Rock band BACHELOR OF ARTS whilst at the University Of Carolina and in the all-girl group SKIRT when she lived in Georgia.

She says: “My previous musical endeavours were always Hard Rock-based. I wasn’t involved with the actual songwriting, except for my vocal melodies and lyrics. With THE YETS, I’ve broken that mould, helping to compose and produce a whole new sound.” She goes on: “In a very general sense, this album is about life: the passage of time, relationships and the consequences of the choices we make along the way. I’ve always wanted to bare my musical soul, but never had the right vehicle. That musical soul has always wanted to speak to the world, but never had the right voice.” THE YETS is that vehicle and Robin is that voice,” says Craig Anderson Snook. Let’s dive in then shall and find out what this all about…

It’s a six track EP for starters so easily digestible over a 26 minute time span. The first three tracks exude an Alt Rock sunset Americana vibe with the vocals out front in the mix. They are clear and throaty by the way. It sounds like crusty clotted cream being spread on a thick slice of Ginger cake. ‘Remember’ reminds me of the recently deceased Lisa Marie Presley, not the vocal, that has a different intonation to Lisa Marie, it’s the musical vibe. ‘Lesser Evil’ ramps up the reverb a bit and the throat opens up for an emphatic lower register push but it feels to me like a storm building and building but never quite breaking.

The sound shifts to a COCTEAU TWINS vibe at the track four mark with ‘Letter To A Boy’. It’s dreamy and glassy eyed and lolling. The guitar is indistinguishable from Robin Guthries, only the vocal giving the game away. ‘Fade To Grey’ has sparse evocative guitars and background call and response vocals that complement the main vocal which is precise in delivery, sharp pencilled if you like whilst the periphery is gauzy. The bass is a pebble dropped in water to keep the ripples going.

Poom poom pa poom poom pa goes the drums on ‘Are You happy Now?’ This is the final track and the only one where the vocal is not out front and centre. It has all the other elements weaving in and around it, the vocal the centre of many smoky orbits. I’m sure a few totes on your favourite Californian tobacco would fine tune the mix for you if this does not suit, know what I mean?

In summary, I like this! It’s aurally appealing, mixed well and is a good length. And now I come to think of it there’s a subtle FLEETWOOD mac vibe to this as well. It is well within the Goldilocks zone in the duration department. So far, I’ve had about eight listens. I’m not getting bored yet!


01. Waterline
02. Remember
03. Lesser Evil
04. Letter To A Boy
05. Fades To Gray
06. Happy Now


Robin Wilson - Vocals, Keyboards & Lyrics
Craig Anderson Snook - Guitars & Everything Else

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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