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wiegand piedpipers
Artist: Wiegand
Title: Pied pipers
Genre: Synth Pop / Darkwave
Release Date: 28th April 2023
Label: self-released

Single Review

‘Pied pipers’ is the first single of the upcoming second full-length album ‘Arrived’ by the German Synth Pop project from Helge Wiegand. Helge is known as keyboard player and backing vocalist occasionally for DIORAMA and as a bandmember of T.O.Y. and released the first WIEGAND EP ‘Between the worlds’ back in 2011. This was followed by the MCD ‘The little man’ in 2016 and the single ‘Floating away’ 2018 including remixes from FROZEN PLASMA, T.O.Y., MENTAL DISCIPLINE and others. Both singles can be found at the first album ‘Released’ launched in December 2018. In times of the global corona virus pandemic, when conspiracy theories were enjoying a boom, the single ‘Get informed’ dealt with it in a musical way. WIEGAND also contributed remixes for SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS and MENTAL DISCIPLINE.

In the meantime, Jens Domgörgen stepped into the project supporting Helge live on keyboard. He is also responsible for social media and booking. Helge and Jens had their first live-appearance at “In Darkness Festival 2022” in Duisburg. This year they were on stage at Kulttempel in Oberhausen supporting RROYCE at their anniversary show in January and at “Für die besten Gäste der Welt” on Easter Sunday. More shows in 2023 are planned. But for now, Helge is about to finish his second album, which will be released in May 2023. ‘Arrived’ will continue the WIEGAND story with 10 tracks. The first single ‘Pied Pipers’ will be launched at 28th April on the relevant digital streaming platforms. In addition to the album version of 'Pied pipers', the single features remixes by Rob Dust, MENTAL DISCIPLINE and BRIGADE ENZEPHALON.

While ‘Get informed’ dealt critically with conspiracy theories, in ‘Pied Pipers’ Helge now takes on the self-appointed experts who promise simple solutions to complex problems in life on the Internet. The title makes it pretty clear that his enthusiasm for such online life coaches is limited. These “pied pipers” promise help and support. But their advice leads nowhere and their “helping hand” is only used to gather followers, spread their message, and make a mint for themself. “Watch and learn, step by step, a simple truth, a different light,” an insistent reminder to be sceptical and cautious about following the lead of others, and always questioning the validity and value of their teachings.

The driving, Wave-like beats and the dark carpets of sound draw an almost gloomy picture that would definitely fit into a dystopian end-of-times scenario. In addition, Helge’s insistent voice, which first conjuring and then almost angrily warns to be on guard. The song slowly eats its way through the auditory canal to the final convolutions of the brain, where it inevitably settles and from there migrates to all limbs. Rob Dust’s remix gives the whole thing an even darker note and fat guitar lines, which give the track additional power. MENTAL DISCIPLINE turn the song into a Future Pop anthem simply made for the clubs. Really fat sound and impossible to keep your feet still. BRIGADE ENZEPHALON take it to the extreme and give the track some drive in the direction of EBM, also a first-class dancefloor smasher.

A terrific piece of electronic music, with which Helge impressively proves his qualities as a songwriter, full-blooded musician and singer and which really makes you curious to the upcoming album. I think something big is coming up to us and I can’t wait to listen the other nine tracks.


01. Pied pipers (Album Version)
02. Pied pipers (Rob Dust Remix)
03. Pied pipers (Mental Discipline Remix)
04 Pied pipers (Brigade Enzephalon Remix)


Helge Wiegand - Songwriting, production, vocals
Jens Domgörgen - Live support, social media, booking


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wiegand piedpipers


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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