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Band name: Wolverine
Title: The Window Purpose
Genre: proggressive metal  
Release Date:  re-release december 2005
Record Company / Label: Earache Records


This Swedish band played at the Progpower festival in Europe and I was a bit surprised when I received this album. This time released worldwide, the album has been re-released by  Earache Records. Although they are no longer signed by Earache Records it is a step forward for this prog metal band to sign to another label. Wolverine have a unique sound that will not only appeal to progmetal fans, but also a wider audience.


Stefan Zell – Vocals
Mikael Zell – Guitars
Thomas Jansson – Bass
Andreas Baglien – Keyboards
Marcus Losbjer - Drums



1. End – 0.42
A dark melancholic intro with some spoken words.

2. My Room – 8.05
Heavy guitars and double vocal lines: screams and some high clean vocals. There is an aggressive part with heavy drums and  then the clear voice with a desperate feeling. An interesting start because it changes quickly into a heavy and technical part that reminds me of Pain Of Salvation during the Remedy Lane period. This is dynamic and the band uses the vocals in a very interesting way.

The instruments are not forgotten: many tempo changes, from aggressive to more clean guitar parts and back again to the heavy sound. In the middle of the song there is an interesting, impressive solo from the keybords that flows over into a clean guitar sound. Faster and faster the theme is built up and then suddenly the vocals are back. Wolverine kicks off with the best they have.  That only can be a good sign for the rest of the songs.

3. His Cold Touch

Pt.I: Within these walls
The first part starts with an accoustic piano and mid tempo drums. The soft, low voice of Stefan is utlised in a more demure way. His voice is powerful and pure and he uses his technics very well. Easily changing his volume and you can almost feel that it comes from deep inside. The drum parts are giving a deeper dimension to the song and when it grows to climax the bombastic sound grows as does the voice of Andreas. The backing vocals of the drummer represent the aggressive part.

Pt.II: A silent outside

Then it goes over in part II with more electronic guitar arrangements that makes it more surreal. The dark sound of the keybords and the solo of the guitar are the base for  the aggressive grunts of Marcus (drummer, one of the founding members of the band) make the atmosphere totally different. Still the voice of Stefan is leading you through the story. The instruments are totally in balance with the changes of emotions. Don’t try to analyse this, but try to listen to their story. Especially the keybords and the clean guitar sound from Mikael (also a founder of the band) are well produced. Suddenly Stefan reaches the level of a power metal vocalist, high and then suddenly the piano and a whispher is all that’s left.

4.    … - 1.52
Clean guitars, fragile and very open, sometimes a bit accoustic and with a Spanish riff. A melancholic atmosphere. Wolverine dares to look further than the classical metal guitar sound. They impress with this open style of playing, good work from Mikael.

5. Leaving Yesterday – 7.11
The power comes back with a dynamic drum beat and different guitar lines. There is a contrast between Stefan and the up tempo way the instruments are following the up tempo sound. Then a female jazz vocalist comes in and the song grows into a strong duet. The song is very catchy but with passion and the band really knows how to make the song interesting with their diverse sound. This song is not only suitable for the prog metal fan but for everyone who likes to listen to beautiful songs. This song will follow you and is the most impressive one on the record.

6. Towards Loss – 5.55
Like little raindrops the keys and guitar are beginning a new song, then heavy drums and bass are coming in. Finally the bass is more in the front of the mix. Apparently chaotic but the song grows and the theme is there. This is the most progressive part with grunts and a dark atmosphere. Also the voice of Stefan is more up tempo, lower and different than before. Suddenly the tempo slows down and the vocalist sounds fragile again and more emotional. Nice detail: the complex keyboard and guitar parts which comes up very suddenly. Here is where Wolverine suprises you again. To make such a perfect mix between all those emotions, without being chaotic and they still make their story understandable. I think this song reflects the typical sound of Wolverine, and it characterises the whole record.

7. The Storm Inside – 7.56
A dry drumsound, acoestic guitars: a midtempo intro. Then pianoparts who almost sound like an organ. The heavy basslines comes in and the atmosphere changes again. Raw riffs and not beautiful guitarlines to make it more down to earth. Stefan uses raw technics and this time he suprises me again. This song is by purpose not beautiful, but chaotic and with full of emotions. Now the band shows why they also have their roots in the more extreme metal.

8. Coma – 7.25
The aggressive atmoshpere is still there and the grunts are mixed with clear guitar lines. Then Stefan comes in with his emotional and melancholic voice. A good alternation and makes the song not so easy to follow. Every mood has its own theme and is mixed with the melody lines of the guitars and the drums are more in front of the mix. There are new electronic arrangements to defend the title ‘Coma.’ Still the song isn’t that full or chaotic.

9. Release – 2.10
The low and dramatic sound of a classical piano, dark and beautiful mixed with the typical sound of the lead guitar from Mikael. An acoestic part, with only those two melodylines supported by drums now and then.

10. Post Life – 6.00
Stefan and the accoustic guitar, fragile and emotional. The vocalist gives everything he has here. He can give his voice all the space and he carries the whole song. He still has the power and also has the control to slow down and to make it more dynamic. The spoken words from the intro come back and together with that the guitars.

11. Again – 10.00
Dynamic guitar lines in the beginning accoustic and light, later on more heavy, together with the grunts and now Stefan and Marcus are singing the first part together. Stefan fragile and clean with Marcus and his dark sound that fits very well in a death metal band. A kind of duet between the good and evil side, but in a very dynamic way. The guitars make the song very interesting. With a beautiful technical guitar solo in the middle, almost pefect. There is a surprise in the end: a desperate scream to the world.


Non, promo version

Cover picture

Techinal Summary

Total playing time: 1.07.02
Total songs: 11


Where shall I start? I don’t want to analyse too much but that is the ‘bad’ side of reviews. You have to explain your feelings and enthusiasm to peopel. Well this record makes me shiver, has such a power in their songs that after listening to it more than seven they still amaze me. This is prog metal in every good sense of the word: emotional, high qualitated members and a well balanced production. Not too chaotic, symphonic or any irritating vocals. They are a band who knows what their sound is and they made an impressive album. Thanks to Earache for this record: this is an eye-opener. The circle is round: the story of this record is strong and convincing. I will keep it short: just discover this unique sound from Wolverine.


Music 9
Sound 8
Extra’s -
Total  9/10

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