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Title: Change In The Neon Light
Artist: Veil Veil Vanish
Genre: Indie / Post Punk / Wave
Release Date: 5th November 2010
Label: Cellar Door (Dependent)

Album Review

VEIL VEIL VANISH has raised critical acclaim already with the release of their debut EP ‘Into A New Mausoleum’. They’ve been playing sold out shows with the likes of A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS and COLD CAVE just to name a few. The group in 2009 started recording their first full-length album ‘Change In The Neon Light’ which is about to be released tomorrow. Since it’s not been released under the regular Dependent moniker but the subsidiary Cellar Door, you could expect something different beforehand. But THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE still are electronic compared to the songs of VEIL VEIL VANISH. The title track is to open the small album with an amount of sparkling and oscillating synth flourishes atop a pounding rhythm base, post-punk bass inclusions and guitar lines outstretching into eternity. A timeless gem is being created with every further note and actually all you want is for it to go on forever. ‘Anthem For A Doomed Youth’ aims straight for the heart of the dance floor above which soon a dirty bass hum grinds, converging with wailing guitars, and Keven’s memorable voice adds a flavour of resignation swirling around the tender strokes of the acoustic guitar.

‘Exile City’ is breathing past and modernity. More than the other tracks before, it puts me in mind of the post-punk era, but the fresh modern twist with the electronics is undeniable. Nice to hear a band combining these two worlds so flawlessly in one track! Suddenly, everything turns to a dim darkness, only broken by the rapidly flickering lights inside the club. The blood of pleasure flows through the veins of the fast-paced ‘Modern Lust’, steeps through everything here, but it most obviously reflects in the way Keven delivers the vocals. Rougher and harder it’s getting in the beginnings of ‘This Is Violet’ until unexpectedly the tempo changes and unveils the most versatile drum figures, featured on the album in my opinion. A melodic droning opens the final act of the album called ‘The Wilderness’, then weightless guitar layers phase in to accompany the broken voice on its way through a song, augmenting in intensity and density. Upon listening through the album, I began to understand why they’ve gained that much recognition already this early in their career. ‘Change In The Neon Light’ is an exciting sonic trip to make. It won’t lead you on entirely new territory, but it’s the way the ingredients are mixed what’s making it special.


01. Change in the Neon Light - 5:28
02. Anthem for a Doomed Youth - 4:02
03. Exile City - 3:46
04. Modern Lust - 3:36
05. Pharmaceutical Party Platform - 3:21
06. Secondhand Daylight - 4:02
07. This is Violet - 4:35
08. Detachment - 4:46
09. The Wilderness - 5:18


Keven Tecon - Vox/Guitar
Cameron Ray - Guitar
Amy Rosenoff - Bass
Robert Marzio - Drums
Justin Anastasi - Keys

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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