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Title: Dependence 2011
Artist: Various Artists
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Label: Dependent Records

Album Review

After taking a look into the past with ‘Dependent Club Anthems’ recently, we’re making a step forward now to see what is and what will be, compiled on Dependent’s newest ‘Dependence 2011’ which starts by giving us another taste of the next DISTANTLED album with ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ where Gary Zon locks out anything resembling a melody, indulging in cold industrial sounds, clubby beats and most of all in anger. I already had the opportunity to see the sympathetic Polish band CLICKS live last year and ‘TV’ and its ominous moods, sparse vocal incursions and retro flair was part of it, whetting the appetite for a possible full-length release. Now we’re coming to a Canadian project, deserving much more attention than it currently has: ENCEPHALON. ‘Daylight’ is amongst their more club-oriented cuts, includes a few piano tracks, a sonorous vocal delivery and a bit of distortion here and there. A glimpse on KMFDM’s next efforts is given with the ROTERSAND remix of ‘Come On - Go Off’ that only needs a minute of time to boot before rushing down like a jackhammer on asphalt with rotating guitars, wrapped around pummelling beats and harsh vocals.

With INFORMATIK’s ‘Something To Believe In’, we’re going for some milder industrial rock tones coupled with deep vocals and a greatly spherical chorus line. Next up IRIS have taken on MESH’s ‘Is It So Hard?’, added a bit of a messy, gritty flavour and vocal assistance of Julia Beyer amidst densified textures that give it a lot more intensity. I’d like to see a new FORMA TADRE album once, but as long as that is not happening, I will stick with whatever remix comes my way. On this compilation that is one of ‘Nightshift’ off the GHOST & WRITER debut album. The remix is a retro as it is modern and enriched with creaking electro elements. FRACTURED are offering a balladry tune called ‘You Are (The Voice Inside My Head)’, a mostly clean and delicate composition, just getting a harsh tinge with the fuzzy guitar noise added in the chorus. Makes waiting for the new album incredibly hard. FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY’s ‘Day Of Violence’ is not as catchy. It’s building slowly in dark corridors with comparatively laid-back rhythms to take off eventually with erratic figures, orchestral layers and inhuman sounding, hissing vocals.

Something with a more organic touch comes with STROMKERN and ‘Sub-Librarian’ and in the face of this cool track, I can’t help but wondering when there’s going to be a new album. The compilation is being wrapped up with a remix of the MINDLESS FAITH track ‘Down Here’, packed with energy that in contrast to the original comes across much cleaner. So we’ve reached the end again of a collection you can’t say something bad about, really. The only criteria to deduct a point is one or the other track not being entirely up your alley.


01. Dismantled / Kill Or Be Killed - 5:44
02. Clicks! / TV (Monochrome Version) - 4:13
03. Encephalon / Daylight (Remix) - 5:20
04. KMFDM / Come On - Go Off (Rotersand Remix) - 4:41
05. Informatik / Something To Believe In - 4:35
06. Mesh / Is It So Hard? (Remixed by Iris ft. Julia Beyer) - 5:41
07. Ghost & Writer / Nightshift (Forma Tadre Remix) - 5:01
08. Fractured / You Are (The Voice Inside My Head) - 3:25
09. Decoded Feedback / Mind Against Matter - 5:00
10. Front Line Assembly / Day Of Violence - 8:27
11. Stromkern / Sub-Librarian - 4:56
12. System Syn / Chemical (Deathproof Mix by SMP) - 3:21
13. Veil Veil Vanish / Modern Lust - 3:36
14. Edge Of Dawn / All The Time (Urceus Exit Remix) - 5:49
15. Mindless Faith / Down Here (Iron Fist Remix) - 5:17


Cover Picture



Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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