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Artist: Various Artists
Title: 24 Years Of Rebellion
Genre: Industrial, Electro, Gothic Rock
Release Date: 30th January 2011
Label: Years Of Rebellion

Album Review

A new dark compilation called ‘24 Years Of Rebellious’ was released this January. Would it be something interesting to listen to all people who like rhythmic and full of rebellious spirit music or would it be just another release that we should skip? Let's give it a listen and find out...

The most catchy thing of ‘24 Years Of Rebellion’ is an amazingly strange and at the same time very unusual (what obviously makes it pretty interesting) mixture of different musical styles (alternative, synth, industrial, rock and even punk and rockabilly). Also impresses the variety of artists you can find on that compilation, from such famous projects as NINE INCH NAILS and HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS by legendary Trent Reznor to less known (but still talented) UNFACTORY and others.

There are many pretty listenable tracks on ‘24 Years Of Rebellion’, but they likely won't amaze you and I bet you won't add them to your play list. They are simply okay, quite listenable, nothing more, nothing really interesting or special. Only some songs on that compilation deserved an attention, among them are ‘Discipline (Live in Poland)’ by NINE INCH NAILS (by the way this is the only live version on ‘24 Years Of Rebellion’ and really jumps out from other tracks by the quality), ‘Fur Lined’ by HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS (which is in my opinion noticeably weaker that other Trent Reznor project - NIN, but still pretty good compared to other artists compositions). UNFACTORY's ‘My Insane’ and NINETWELVE's ‘Cut Your Throat’ were also very pleasant for my ears. And that's all! 4 songs from 17...

I won't name ‘24 Years of rebellious’ a weak compilation, it's okay (nothing more) and it could be suitable as a musical background for one of your evenings, but most songs won't touch you, they are simply listenable as a background and nothing more. Only 3- 4 songs are there to make you stop doing your things and make a pause to listen them with attention …and I still can't understand why there are this one and only live track by NIN.


01. Cassandras Run - Intro
02. Eternal Nightmare - Yashar
03. Sturtzfrequenz - Weltentraum
04. Erleen - Psychedelic Space Ship
05. How To Destroy Angels - Fur Lined
06. Unfactory - My Insane
07. Accident - Vert Bleu Noir
08. (((S))) - Heroes
09. Versus - I Want 2 B U
10. DaSandyMan - Alone
11. EGOamp - The Carnival [Edit Version]
12. Ninetwelve - Cut Your Throat
13. Laud23 - Achtung
14. Mach FoX - Dr. Night [Alt Mix]
15. The Silence Industry - Permanent Crisis
16. Nine Inch Nails - Discipline [Live In Portland]
17. Dr. Geek & The Freakshow - Wolfman


Cover Picture



Music: 4
Sound: 7
Total: 5.5 / 10

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