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Artist: Wilde Jungs
Title: Von A bis Z
Genre: Punk / Rock
Release Date: 18th March 2011
Label: Rookies and Kings

Album Review

They’re doing it the wild way, mostly, since their inception in 2003: WILDE JUNGS from Fulda have grown to quite a popular bunch with albums such as ‘Multikriminell’ or ‘Bis auf’s Blut’. With the newest offering ‘Von A Bis Z’’ they’re offering a collection of reworks of classics amidst 4 new songs. The record begins with a journey to the heavens on ‘Himmel’, starting with a mellow riff subsequently leading to a fair and straight adventure of raw vocals and hard but melodic riffs. ‘Auf und Davon’ goes one step further in terms of speed and therefore is a hymn to shake the necks and dance along to. An ode to faith is delivered with the track ‘Glaube’ which incorporates sublime electronic choirs into a framework of varied rhythm figures and down-tuned power strokes on the guitar.

Homage to their hometown? You bet that ‘Kreuzberglied’ is one of those songs and given its nature it’s a prefect tune to booze up to. With ‘Sehnsucht’ it’s getting melancholic and mellow and for once an acoustic guitar takes over control. Even Tyson shows he’s capable of doing a little more than the usual bawling. ‘Alte Geschichten’ is getting the pulse up again on upbeat rhythms and driving nature. The last track on the release is going back straight to the band’s first album and comes up with a direct, socially critical ending to an album that is past and present at the same time. For those who are die-hards of the band already mostly the new songs will be interesting I guess, even though also the older stuff received some sonic polish according to the band. To those completely new to the wild boys it can serve as a little insight into their world. Especially the one having a thing for a more classic approach to rock!


01. Himmel - 4:20
02. Auf und davon - 3:58
03. Danke Schlampe - 2:52
04. Glaube - 3:32
05. Kreuzberglied - 2:40
06. Sehnsucht - 4:39
07. Freunde in der Not - 3:31
08. Alte Geschichten - 4:37
09. Frankfurter Jungs - 4:02
10. Multikriminell - 3:59


Tyson- Vocals
Poldi - Bass
Juli - Guitar
Fridge-e – Guitar
Maciste - Drums


Cover Picture



Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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