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Artist: We Are The Damned
Title: Holy Beast
Genre: Death n’ Roll / Crust
Release Date: 25th March 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

It is hard to think of WE ARE THE DAMNED as death n’ roll because they just don’t follow the conventional ideal of the genre. While hearing their second album, ‘Holy Beast,’ listeners may end up considering this hardcore/ metalcore due to the very aggressive pace, the semi rapid chugs, and throaty vocals that sound more like high pitched deathcore screams and HATEBREED-esque roars. In death n’ roll, one expects there to be deep, throaty vocals and a lot of repetitive, but catchy rhythms and grooves that keep the listener from getting too annoyed that they are hearing the same stuff over and over. With ‘Holy Beast’ that effect isn’t really there. But at the same time, it isn’t something that should be completely ignored. For those who do enjoy hardcore or metalcore, then this should actually be pretty enticing. Just saying to all those who are expecting DEBAUCHERY or TORTURE KILLER quality… beware, it isn’t here.

Tracks like ‘Diogo Alves 1841’ have a bit more groove than the other tracks which just seem to obliterate on by without leaving much room for melody and rhythm. Especially when it comes to the guitar solo, which is very haunting, it would seem like WE ARE THE DAMNED, are going for something more than just the basic hardcore or metalcore style. Of course, that is present too in ‘The Glorious Grisly’ which just hammers into the listeners’ skull without any remorse, and while it is intense, it feels a bit dumb and numb because the melodies are gone from most of the music. Vocally, sometimes they switch to a more melodic death metal scream such as heard on a band like AT THE GATES, such as on the first track, but mostly expect them to bellow away with not the most grandiose of emotions; when performing their hardcore style they just feel kind of dry and almost tired. ‘Raping the Law’ is the only really ‘rock n’ roll’ track on the album that features the right grooves and melodies, and even the bass is allowed to shine which adds a bit of that crust punk feel to the music, making one very catchy and old school track.

‘Lucifer VIP’ is the best track on the album, and not because it is long, but because it is diverse. It is raw, fuzzy, like sludge/ doom metal but also features the hardcore breakdowns and melodic metalcore bits that populate the earlier tracks. What really hits home is the interlude which suddenly just slows everything down for some guitar, piano, and soft drumming. It is an entirely new take on WE ARE THE DAMNED’S music and a progressive, almost jazzy take on the music overall. It is unexpected, and very much welcomed. Hopefully they will create more material like that in the future to balance out the shorter, almost passable hardcore and metalcore bits that populate the rest of ‘Holy Beast’.


01. The Anti-Doctrine 2:33
02. Serpent 3:35
03. Throne of Lies 2:54
04. Devorador Dos Mortos 3:14
05. Christian Orgy 2:06
06. Diogo Alves 1841 3:47
07. Atrocity Idol 2:45
08. Summon the Black Earth 2:51
09. Viral Oration 3:29
10. The Glorious Grisly 2:51
11. Vengeance Havoc 3:17
12. Raping the Law of the Land 3:41
13. Lucifer VIP (Chapter II) 9:22
14. Neo Pigs 4:09


Ricardo Correia - Guitar, Vocals
Ricardo Cabrita - Guitar
André Teixeira - Bass
Paulo Lafaia - Drums


Cover Picture



Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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