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Artist: Wake Up Call
Title: Wake Up Call EP
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 31st January 2011
Label: Unsigned

Album Review

The WAKE UP CALL is a band coming from Italy and this is their first EP. And they play rock. Now, when it comes to the core of the issue “rock” is a very, very broad term. Let’s say that they play rock for teenage girls. I have to admit that they have a bit of fun and their sound production is of astonishing levels despite of the fact that they are rather unknown. I’ve read in their promo that the responsible of that is the producer Beau Hill, known from his productions of ERIC CLAPTON, ALICE COOPER and EUROPE.

The best song here is surely the ‘Before I Lay’, very summer-ish and suitable for Hollywood’s teenager movies. You know the kind, boy loves a girl, girl loves a boy, her ex/parents/aliens prevent her to see him but love triumphs, they get married, have 10 children and then they divorce. Oops, sorry I‘ve been overwhelmed! They wish they could be and have the attitude of WASP and of KAISER CHIEFS but I don’t see that happening that soon. But who knows, should they join the X-Factor they might win. How good is that?


01. Revolution 3:54
02. The Devil’s Round 4:05
03. Before I fall 4:08
04. Here To Stay 4:03
05. Full of Regrets 3:41


Tommy – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Olly – Lead Guitar/Back Vocals
Dario – Bass/Back Vocals
Matt – Drums


Cover Picture



Music: 6
Sound: 9
Total: 7.5 / 10

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