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Artist: V2A
Title: Machine Corps
Genre: Electro / Industrial
Release Date: 29th April 2011
Label: Black Rain Rec. / NoiTekk

Album Review

V2A is a German / British duo that has released their 3rd album, ‘Machine Corps’. It is the toughest sounding Industrial album they have ever produced. The first track, ‘Lock and Load’, starts out with repetitive machine core lyrics that just oozes the influence of cyber Electronica. The next track, ‘Electro-Ueber-Alles’ (Electro over everything) defines the Cyber Electro sound in itself. In this song you can hear the technical percussion soundscapes. It is very sophisticated in its design and execution. The track after this, ‘War Machine’, is an excellent track to dance to! The next track, ‘Android’, is an incredible electronic experience when the sound lifts up into the synthetic air. After listening to this song I would volunteer to be turned into an android. Machinery in its ultimate lyrical incarnation.

‘Cannibal Clan’ following afterwards seems like something out of a zombie disaster movie with its deafening hard hitting beats. This tune can be danced to in its severity. This track deserves its name because it does indeed have some meat to it. The track ‘Citizen 316’ starts out quickly and seductively with its pure and pulsating electronic beats and sounds. It explains that we are all citizens of the electronic revolution! Obey or be terminated! The track ‘Infestation’ goes further into the zombie theme with heavy electronic beats and killer electronic soundscapes supporting the song. ‘ Angel Grinder’ starts out soft but continues into a driven series of electronic sounds and beats. Following ‘Immortal’ is really nice with its flowing percussion beats and its intense lyrics and rhythmic sound. Beautiful! The next track, ‘Mechanized Mantra’, sounds like just that, a mantra of sound that is repeatable in a very synced way. Electronically synced sound and beats with a computerized voice.

‘Earth Bunker’ is a bit spooky. It actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I started playing the tune. Funny! An interesting song talking about future survival. ‘Dance Virus’ is very danceable and has strong beats that make a person just want to get up and go crazy in a night club with the lyrics sex, alcohol, chaos and money! Yes, the irony of a night out! The perfect song for the primary reasons we frequent night clubs in the first place. Reminds me of the art of falling apart in a cyber electro context. The track ‘Intruder Alert’ starts out with what sounds like a Star Trek Enterprise alert then goes into fast synced beats continuing with flowing electronic sound beating the listener down on the dance floor. This song makes you feel like your running and dancing through an industrial complex or on the decks of a ship. Cool in a sci-fi sense. The last track, ‘Beyond Repair’, seems like a commentary on how we are destroying our world, “kill our world and no one cares”. The lyrics are epic in this song! Amazing!

This duo is excellent at mixing cyber electro music and probably the best I have ever heard at it so far. This album is a sophisticated combination of cyber electro mantras and hymns. A perfect album for the cyber electro industrialists out there.

Videos on You Tube:
V2A Machine Corps Promo:


01. Lock Und Load
02. Electro-Ueber-Alles
03. War Machine
04. Android
05. Cannibal Clan
06. Citizen
07. Infestation
08. Angel Grinder
09. Immortal
10. Mechanized Mantra
11. Earth Bunker
12. Dance Virus
13. Intruder Alert
14. Beyond Repair


Kevin Stewart
Ines Lehmann

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Cover Picture



Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


0 #1 drone 2011-05-13 13:13
V2A live gigs coming up ..
>>> V2A live
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